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News » Migrants » Italy: Senegalese man attempts to Burn Children Alive “to Avenge Migrants Who Died in the Sea”

Italy: Senegalese man attempts to Burn Children Alive “to Avenge Migrants Who Died in the Sea”

A 47 years old African man, of Senegalese nationality, set a bus carrying children on fire. His motive? “To avenge the dead (migrants) in the sea”. The bus was carrying 51 children from the Vailati School of the city of Crema.
The African man, the bus driver, spread inflammable materials all over the floor of the bus while threatening the children with a knife.

While the bus was being hijacked by its own driver, a brave child on board managed to alert the authorities. Both the Firemen and the Carabinieri (Italian Military police) rushed to the rescue avoiding a massacre. The suspect was arrested and the children saved. One Carabiniere rushed to one of the sides of the burning bus and broke a window with his own hands.

Ousseynou Sy, the Senegalese terrorist, was heard yelling “I want to end it all to avenge the dead (migrants) in the Sea. I will commit a massacre in Linate (nearby Airport).” The enraged African handcuffed some of the children while covering the bus with inflammable materials and threatening to set everything on fire if anyone moved.

This is what multiculturalism breeds, pure violence. Last week we had the Christchurch attack, this week Utrecht and the bus attack. It will only get worse unless proper actions are taken. The end of immigration and the remigration of illegal immigrants, a path started by the Salvini Government, is the only answer to such situations.

The African had already troubles with the authorities, with past arrests for driving drunk and committing sexual acts of violence.

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