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Multikulti Enrichment: Swedish Gangs Edition

Swedish Gangs

The rise of multicultural Swedish gangs has happened as a consequence of mass, uncontrolled, 3rd world immigration. People coming from areas where the average IQ ranges from 60 to the mid 80s to a country where the average is 100. A recipe for disaster.

The soaring crime rates in Sweden are no secret anymore. They have become key political talking points, and they have allowed true nationalists to rise to the forefront of political debate.

Swedish Gangs
Numbers have since risen.

Bombings, assaults on police stations, rapes… but also some deportations, a backlash towards political correctness, a true nationalist party…

This is but a snippet of the larger picture. The true breadth of what is happening in Sweden makes one’s skin crawl. Though more is being revealed in recent months and there have been genuine steps towards fixing many problems. As always, the picture is not black and white but somewhere in between.

Multikulti Swedish Gangs

Gang shootings and criminality have ended up at the forefront of the political agenda with Prime Minister Stefan Lofven and opposition parties pledging to battle gang violence by increasing spending on police and sharpening punishment.

A more rational and logical approach by AfS which is to have zero tolerance and deport foreign criminals as well as illegals, has also been discussed, albeit on the political fringes, for now.

According to Reuters, dozens of people have been killed in the past three years in attacks in the capital Stockholm and other large cities by gangs that are mostly from run-down suburbs dominated by immigrants. Colourblindness leads to blood running freely in the streets.

There were 129 shootings in Stockholm in 2017. Nineteen people were killed in the attacks, almost twice as many as in 2016, according to official figures.

In Malmo, where about 45 percent of the 330,000 inhabitants have an immigrant background, police say that there are three or four gangs operating.

“Even hospitals in Sweden are becoming danger zones. Gang fights in and around the ghettos often end with multiple victims being taken to hospital with knife and gunshot wounds. The wounded are followed in convoys of cars by their gangs and clans, who carry on the fight in and around the hospital.” – Svenne Tvaerskaegg


“Swedish” gangs do not care about the police anymore, why would they when they operate mostly in no go zones, where the police will not interfere with their deeds?

In all this bad news there are good news, some Swedes are finally waking up, making a stand. Incredible change can occur in a short amount of time: all that’s required is will and consistency.

​”Stop mass immigration. Start mass deportation!” (AfS poster)

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