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‘Migrants Contribute To The Economy’ – Do They?

Many Leftists and civic nationalist claim that migrants contribute to the economy. Some undoubtedly do, I examine here why many do not.

This is the main argument that Leftists and even civic-nationalists come up with when they argue for migration and its supposed benefits. “Benefits worth dying for” the migrants think when they try to cross the Mediterranean.

“Benefits worth dying for?” Just how generous are European welfare states?

It is interesting to note the correlation between the big payers and the big migrant destinations. The graph below shows that the trend is that the more northern states have larger and larger welfare states, ie more spending on social issues and needs. Which, in the migrant’s point of view is a better target because from there, they can take more wealth home.

generosity stats of welfare states - migrants
Isn’t it strange how ‘migrants’ and ‘refugees’ always go for the western and northen European countries? It must be a coincidence.

We have also seen since 2015 that it is exactly the countries with the ‘largest’ welfare states that are the most desirable destinations for ‘migrants’ and ‘refugees’. They go through the Balkan states, through Iberia, to the heart of the continent, where the money is at. Now why would people just looking for shelter from war go to the richest countries and risk life and limb crossing many safe countries on their way? A good question. There is an answer, a sinister one and one of many, I’m afraid.

This is how migrants can afford to pay people traffickers to expand their numbers in Europe: Their relatives who are already in Europe have 7, 8, 9 children. The European governments pay them per child. They send that money to relatives in Syria…

Now comes the tricky part: Migrants who reach Europe may pay up to $10,000 per person to people smugglers. That figure decreases or increases depending on a variety of factors such as which people smuggling group migrants are dealing with (there are many), the destination, the ammount of people and so on.

The migrants and ‘refugees’ can afford to pay these ludicrous sums because of the very generous welfare payments sent to them by their relatives in Europe.

…when the ‘logistics’ are taken care of, relatives pay the traffickers to take them to a European country. Then the process starts over. The new arrivals have up to 7 children and send the government welfare payments to relatives still in Syria. A perpetuum mobile of immigration. That’s the system.

If the average European taxpayer realised their tax and their government was funding a highly organized, highly illegal people trafficking business, there can be little doubt that they would not put up with it.

Germany alone spent €23 billion on “refugees & migrants” in 2016.

migrants - welfare states
An overview of the welfare state types of Europe.

France has comparable numbers. A similar situation can be observed across the continent.

Victims or villains?

It makes one wonder, do our ‘leaders’ really know what’s going on? Maybe they think that people are interchangeable? Certainly, German and French workers do not know what is going on. The Yellow Vests protest show that at least the French are lashing out against the consequences of this unfettered immigration.

Often it is said that European leaders are trying to eradicate native Europeans. That they have a grand plan for the future. Unfortunately contemporary governments rarely think ahead past the next election cycle, and it is more likely that our illustrious ‘leaders’ simply did not understand the full implications of what they were doing and even if they did, they most likely did not care, because it would be their successor’s problem. Ah, Democracy.

In any case most European leaders have no children, for example, and thus no stake in the future:

No children, no stake in the future.

Take from this what you will. This information may speak volumes to some among us, while others will say that this was these people’s choice.

What should be the people’s choice however, is denied, instead, false information is fed to them.

Europeans think the refugees are contributing towards their future pensions. This is extremely naive. A HUGE percentage of refugees work on the black market and get paid 5 euros an hour. They prefer doing that than having a legitimate job for minimum wage (around € 9.50) and paying tax.

They are laughing at European governments!

The MSM would have us believe they are highly skilled and all paying tax. Not at all. Some are, of course. But many, too many, keep this cycle going. It is unsustainable and can be called a silent demographic invasion. As if the Migrant Crisis of 2015 was not enough…

This is in poor taste, but….
“This is why migrants are dying to get to Europe.” This is the sad, but real, state of things.

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