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Fake Refugees – Why Proper Vetting Is Needed

With illegal immigrants jumping from the back of lorries, the increase in boats heading to European shores and those who just refuse to go home, the amount of those seeking asylum is a constant that will not subside. Undoubtedly, there will be those that are genuinely fleeing for their safety (see Asia Bibi who was told no by the UK Government) however for the most part, they are here for the easy life and money.

As it was recently revealed as part of an undercover sting, a spokesperson for an NGO admitted to coaching the illegal immigrants on what to say, knowing full well they were not in any kind of danger. So, what happens when #refugeeswelcome meets #metoo? We get Rahaf Mohammed.

Twitter went wild, followed by the media when 18 year old Rahaf tweeted from Thailand that she needed refuge from her family and the fear of retaliation should she be sent back home. Thailand, a country which sensibly doesn’t recognise refugees, was prepared to send the young woman back to Kuwait for not having the correct documents. This was followed by Rahaf locking herself into her hotel room and tweeting that she would only let herself out once the UN representative had turned up. With the young woman tweeting that she was worried about how she would be treated, every feminist and progressive was tweeting and retweeting her cries and pressuring the Thai Government to help. Naturally, a lot of people across the world brought the story.


Rahaf had said she was fleeing her home as she was not treated well, had a sheltered life and was not allowed to study. Life was so bad she jumped on a plane from Kuwait during a family holiday to escape. She demanded that Australia take her in as a refugee, which they agreed to once they completed checks. However, before the Australian government had time to type her name into Google, Canada had jumped forward and said she was welcome there. Before long, she was tweeting from a Business class seat before arriving to an adoring crowd. Some Canadians had spoken out saying how well this refugee was treated and pointed to inequalities with their own citizens. It was then, the truth had started to surface. Friends from Saudi Arabia had brought up Rahaf’s old Twitter and Snapchat. The repressed life she had spoken about was nowhere to be seen. Pictures and videos of her social life appeared showing her smoking, drinking and having sex with multiple people. She is also from a rich family. What was transpiring is a girl fleeing from embarrassment she had brought onto the family, rather than someone fearing for their life. When this surfaced, the same group who spoke out for her defended these saying she has every right to do these things. Whilst that is true, her entire grounds for asylum were based on a lie.

Currently, she is asking to go back home and saying that Canada is not the place she thought it was. She has also said she is having issues with drugs. Not something Canada, a place which virtue signalled so quickly, really needs. Although this is not a European story, the same sob stories will be given on a daily basis and will also be a fabrication. The sooner we start taking away the incentives to come here, the amount of those claiming asylum will drop. There will be genuine cases and these are the ones needing attention and feelings need to be taken out of the process.

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