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Europe’s Migrant Crises, Accidental or Predesigned?


This article was written by Robert Kearney. Follow him on Twitter here, and read the second half of his article here.

For the past decade, the coast of Europe has been inundated with a practically ceaseless flow of migrants from the Mideast and Africa almost all under the guise of “refugees” fleeing from some war and chaos in their own lands. At first, most Europeans welcomed them with open arms, having been pressed by their governments and religious leaders to do so out of charity and compassion. As time passed though, it became more and more clear that the great bulk of those crossing over where not in fact refugees at all, but mere economic migrants falsely claiming asylum status, settling in ethnic ghettos of extrajudicial religious practices that are alien to the European spirit. Confronted by the increasingly dismal conditions which now plagued portions of their nations, many began to investigate further into not only what has caused the migrant influx but who benefits both directly and directly by it.

Countless investigations have shown that a vast network of none governmental organizations (NGOs), many with ties to unsavory figures such as George Soros and his “Open Society Foundation”, are not only responsible for lobbying the European Union and its various governments for increased refugee admittance, but also in operating the rescue boat services that act as little more than ferries to taxi migrants across the Mediterranean where they arrived by the thousands per week. From that point, these NGOs, along with various religious and charitable institutions, have then proceeded to settle them in camps and social centers, all to the tune of large profits for the care and feeding of their human charge. Not only have migrants been given housing and meals, but even pay of €35 a week for their expenses (as well as free roam of cities and surrounding areas outside these camps under the pretext of seeking employment). As expected, this has generated more than its share of problems for those areas who have received this influx of human cargo.

Organised crime has also played its part well in arranging to smuggle many groups of migrants, either to their port of departure on the war-ravaged coasts of Libya, and even from a country of entry (where a migrant must reside for five years if they have claimed asylum), or even across these borders to wealthier nations with much more expansive social welfare benefits and economic conditions for them to take advantage of. Besides the usual groups of “Open Borders” and humanitarian advocates, these NGOs have also been accused of collaborating with organised criminal groups such as the Italian Mafia in order to speed up the migration process by smuggling them into other nations of Europe.¹

How, one may ask, did this chaotic, almost doomsday scenario in which endless waves of humans have been allowed to cross unabated (when they arrive are barely vetted) proceed without much question by the various European states? One would be extremely naïve to believe that these recent events are just unplanned and sporadic coincidences. No, they are only the beginning of a culminated plan of many decades for the eventual merger of Europe and Africa into a single economic and eventually political union, all for the benefits of the elites who will have at their disposal an unlimited supply of mineral resources and human labor in which to process them. From the 19th century onward, the great powers of Europe scrambled to carve out colonial empires from Africa and to utilise their resources and populations to acquire further world economic and military influence. After the Second World War, the tremendous financial cost of maintaining these colonies, as well as the growing demands for independence their members, led to the gradual, and many times violent removals of European military powers from Africa.

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