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News » Madness! Portugal’s President vows to open EU’s borders to millions of Africans from the ‘Portuguese Commonwealth’ CPLP until 2020
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Madness! Portugal’s President vows to open EU’s borders to millions of Africans from the ‘Portuguese Commonwealth’ CPLP until 2020

Last month, May 25th during a speech at the 1st Forum of Economists of Portuguese-Speaking Cities, held in Lisbon, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, the Portuguese President said that the “Cape Verdean presidency of the CPLP (the equivalent to the English Commonwealth or the French Francophonie), together with Portugal and other member states, seized as the banner of this presidency the free movement of people “among the countries that integrate the community”.

The CPLP, in Portuguese Comunidade Países de Língua Portuguesa, roughly translated to the ‘Portuguese Speaking Countries Community’, is an organization that congregates all Portuguese speaking countries that have Portuguese as an official language. Spread across Europe, South America with Brazil with the remaining bulk of the countries being in Africa and Asia, very undeveloped nations, some of them failed states such as Guinea Bissau, Mozambique or Angola.

In that same conference of the Forum,  the Portuguese president claimed that this is “another great challenge” of the CPLP and, addressing the Cape Verde deputy prime minister, Olavo Correia, considered that this “ambition should be considered to their highest regards”, since “here we play much of the future of the community”.

The head of state added that “each of the citizens of our states has to feel brother in this circulation, in this sharing, of all the others. If you only feel like you’re half-brother to only a few, we’re failing,” he said.

De Sousa explained that “there are struggles that are difficult”, this being one of them, but “they are the best fights”, which are truly “worth to face”.

“I feel that there is a favourable mood [for the fulfilment of this free movement area].” There are disagreements here and there,” he explained, pointing out that” it has to be done already or young people will see it as a lost opportunity”.

Fast forward 2 weeks to Portugal’s National celebration, held on the 10th of June in the Cape Verdean city of Mindelo, on the island of São Vicente, the Portuguese president, now with Portugal’s half-Indian prime minister declared that they were on the side of Cape Verde in the defence of the abolition of visas in the framework of the EU and the free movement of citizens within the CPLP.

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa mentioned that the proposal on the table in the CPLP “provides for several phases,” allowing “whoever wants to go further with only a few countries, by bilateral agreement, can do so.”

“I think it will be approved at the CPLP Summit [of 2020 in Angola],” said the Portuguese President.

The Prime Minister of Portugal, António Costa pointed out that two cases are at stake, one in the CPLP, originally proposed by Portugal so that “recognition of freedom of residence would render visa unnecessary” and also “recognition of competences and qualifications” and “ portability of social rights “.

This completely ludicrous and deranged free movement deal with citizens from some of the poorest, most violent and lowest IQ countries in the World would completely end Portugal and also the EU as we know it, with some effects already being seen in the UK for example, where most Portuguese criminals in the British capital being actually of African origin but with a Portuguese passport, revealing how broken both Portuguese and British migration and nationality systems actually are.

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