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News » London bridge terrorism victim LOVED diversity and so does his brainwashed father
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London bridge terrorism victim LOVED diversity and so does his brainwashed father

Jack Merrit was one of the two victims who loved diversity and had a masters on the rehabilitation of minorities. The latest terrorist attack, which ultimately killed him, not only proves his World view as wrong and so does to many others. Despite all this, his father keeps defending the killers of his son and the vibrant diversity that allowed his death in the first place


First, let’s recap this whole story. On the 29th of November, five people were stabbed, two fatally, in Central London. The perpetrator, Usman Khan, had been released from prison in 2018 on licence after serving a sentence for terrorist offences.

The attacker was attending an offender rehabilitation conference in Fishmongers’ Hall when he threatened to detonate what turned out to be a fake suicide vest and started attacking people with two knives taped to his wrists, killing two of the conference participants. Several attendees fought back, some attacking Khan with a fire extinguisher and a narwhal tusk as he fled the building, emerging on London Bridge where he was partially disarmed by a plain-clothes police officer. He was restrained by members of the public until additional police officers arrived, pulled away those restraining him, and shot him dead.

Both victims of the attack, college liberal Cambridge University graduates would prove their thesis and World view utterly wrong when they became victims of a former prisoner, an alumnus of the very program they had dedicated themselves to. Jack Merritt, one of the victims had actually published a thesis about the overrepresentation of Asian, Black and ethnic minority in minorities in Britain, the sort of liberal politically rubbish that these people should be ‘rehabilitated’ instead of imprisoned our deported from Western societies. His naivety and World view had the highest price ever just to prove him wrong: his life.

Jack defended the rehabilitation of terrorists, was also soft on refugees and other suicidal migration policies that are destroying Western nations. Despite all this, the father of Jack, David Merritt is so brainwashed that he keeps on defending the killers of his son and the World view that ended up killing him.
David begs that his death won’t be used as the pretext for ‘more draconian sentences or for detaining people unnecessarily’, as if the loss of his son gives him the right to control the discourse or for the public the discuss if these ‘rehabilitation programs’ actually work.

In a Twitter rampage, Jack’s father demands that his son’s death won’t be used to avoid the death of more innocent people, apparently, not even his child’s death is enough to teach him a lesson. This episode is almost as ludicrous as the one of Mollie Tibbetts’ father. The killing of University of Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts last year sparked criticism of the U.S. immigration system because the man charged in her death is a Mexican farmworker. In a twist of events, however, her father said that Hispanic locals ‘Iowans with better food’.

Finally, in another twist and show of hypocrisy and irony, the terrorist who killed Jack shared a poem before going on his murderous rampage. “I write so I can enter the coldest of hearts, I write so I can speak to those locked off from the world engulfed in the blinding absence of sight.”

The five lines poem then ended: “I write so I can express what I feel is right.”

May his death be a lesson both Britain and the West can learn from, there is no ‘rehabilitation’ to people who do not belong here in the first place.

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