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Lessons from the Groyper War


As a European nationalist, I feel reluctant to write about American news. We get enough of American news/culture/propaganda through our own ‘European’ news agencies as it is. However, for the Groyper war, even I am willing to make a much-needed exception. To briefly explain the Groyper war to those who remain ignorant on this, it is the embodiment of true nationalists who dare to rise up against ConservativeInc. Conservative America first nationalists, under the leadership of a certain individual, called; Nick “the knife” Fuentes, called out the TPUSHA spokespeople at their college campus events on their hypocrisies on subjects like; legal immigration, gay marriage, demographics and their support for Israel. There are some lessons to be learned for European nationalists and conservatives from this bold act of open rebellion.

Groyper War Propaganda

ConservativeInc Loves Immigration
It doesn’t really matter if you talk about the GOP, the UK conservative party, the Brexit Party, the Dutch FVD or any other alt-light party in Europe, they all want or are at least open to the idea of having legal immigration from 3rd world countries. These parties are open to your wages being suppressed, to your countries undergoing radical demographic changes, to your culture and people being destroyed. Just as long as it happens legally. Their fear for the word “racist” is so great they will do anything to not be called racist. It also happens to align with the goal of multinationals of having an ever-increasing pool of workers to reach that sweet sweet maximum profit. These multinationals will threaten to leave your country if they cannot get cheap or adequate labourers. Most conservative parties are slaves to radical capitalism and they will do anything to ensure the almighty economy gets what it craves. Those dog whistles on immigration they used while campaigning for your vote? They will forget you the moment you have voted and they will throw you under the bus

ConservativeInc Loves The Gays
Our “conservative” parties know that policies to reduce you to serfdom aren’t really that popular, so they need to bend the knee on other issues to show how cool they are. The position of western conservative parties on gays is a great example of this. All the big parties are pro gay rights, pro gay marriage and pro gay adoption. They claim Islam is the true threat for gay people, and they are the only one protecting our precious gays against this. Damn that some of those pesky conservative Christians might not like it, we will just dog whistle with vague statements on Christian culture to keep them on-board too. The mainstream conservative movement has become a progressive movement on the gay issue. While a recent study shows us that the LGBTQ community is far more likely to support the left across Europe, the conservative parties don’t care and want their part of this small minority vote. 

ConservativeInc hates freedom of speech
While our conservative western parties tend to be at the front line of the fight for freedom of speech, they sure seem to hold some dubious standards when it comes to actually exercising that right. When the Groypers challenged “conservative” spokespeople on issues like demographics, hypocrisies in ideology or even support for Israel. The “conservatives” refused to use arguments and started with shutdowns of the Q&A, threats and outright dismissal. Personal attacks at the address of Mr. Fuentes became their way of working, they called him a holocaust denier, an anti-Semite or a basement-dwelling loser. They were not interested in discussing ideas or arguing, they wanted to crucify him as soon as possible to deter young people from asking questions about these topics. Mr. Fuentes was even doxxxed with support of TPUSHA, an organization which prides itself on its support for freedom of speech.

Antifa Website proudly admitting to working with ConservativeInc during the Groyper War

ConservativeInc Fears The Man Who Stands Up
While European and American nationalists might not see eye to eye on a lot of things. Respect should be given where it is due. Nick Fuentes is a 21-year-old man who seems to have a complete disregard for his own future employability, he is taking a huge risk which could haunt him for the rest of his life. Yet, he has chosen to go public with his controversial views, to be uncompromising in the face of danger and criticism. While the puppets of the American branch of ConsertativeInc attack him every day, he remains unfazed. He chooses to stand up for what he believes in. Many of our European compatriots, who talk the talk, but do not walk the walk might want to take a lesson from this.

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