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Lagarde’s Globalist Vision for the European Central Bank


Recently, Christine Lagarde has been nominated for president of the European Central Bank to succeed Mario Draghi. Lagarde has been relatively well known as the managing director of the IMF, she is also known for being convicted of negligence for her lack of handling in the ‘Tapie affair’ while being the French minister of finance. Lagarde has set out her vision European Parliament’s economic committee and it does not bode well for nationalists within the EU.


I am confident that the ECB can achieve significant further improvements in gender balance – and in the diversity of its workforce along with several other metrics

Diversity means drawing on all talents from all backgrounds, and committing absolutely to all people being treated equally – be that on the basis of gender, race or nationality.

She also pointed out the importance of “diversity of thoughts.”


Lagarde is a great fan of diversity and is eyeing for diversity targets within the ECB as she had within the IMF. The great irony of treating people equally, while instituting targets that discriminate against certain people is missed by Lagarde. From this ECB president we can expect more discrimination to the native population of Europe, more discrimination based on gender and less hiring of qualified people.


Primary mandate is price stability, of course,” Lagarde reasserted, “But it has to be embedded that climate change and environmental risk are mission-critical.


Climate Change
While the diversity of thoughts is important for Lagarde, this obviously will not be tolerated on the topic of Climate Change. Her goal is to eliminate carbon assets from the ECB portfolio entirely and she sees this as mission-critical for keeping price stability. While we can argue about the impacts of climate change and actions to be taken the ECB has already chosen a radical approach by shedding their neutrality on this topic and is actively taking a stance.  

What Will The Future Hold For Us?
Lagarde is a person of globalist nobility who has gotten many cushy appointments without showing for much through results. I highly recommend reading this article on her conviction and how people of her status can get away with being convicted. Lagarde is part of an unaccountable elite who rules over us with disdain for our rules and opinions. She will force through the globalist agenda by facilitating it through the ECB. Time will tell what she can achieve, that it is bad for nationalists across Europe is an almost certainty. 


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