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It’s after 10PM. You’ve settled down for the night after a hard day of writing biased articles tweeting & retweeting about your boogeyman. You’re just nodding off when all of a sudden you hear a knock on the door. You live in Luton so safety first, you check and see who it is. “Come on Mike, I just want a chat”.

It’s your boogeyman.

Mike Stuchbery, the far left rabble rouser who is known for retweeting the violent mob that is Antifa, overlooking violence against women and blocking anyone he disagrees with had his chance to face up his favourite nemesis, but chose to stay upstairs and call the Police instead. To be fair, at that time of night no one wants to indulge in what will undoubtedly end up in a slanging match in front of their house but was it asked for?
The day before, Mike & Co were salivating that Tommy Robinson was about to get served a notice of action and it was to be live-streamed from his house. Sadly for a group of black-clad lefties, they had to hand it to the waiting Police. However, this is where are now. Mohammed Akunjee, the lawyer for Syrian refugee Jamal who was pushed over and had a bit of water poured on him thought it was a good idea to get a racist and reported junkie to deliver the letter (It would seem that the Royal Mail must have declined the offer to do it). This was of course all for show with Akunjee leaving behind the last of any standards he has for his profession but does this make Tommy’s late night visit right?

Mike, Hope Not Hate and the rest of their cohorts think nothing of trying to put a stop to those they disagree with, be it deplatforming, arranging counter protests regardless of the subject (HEY, THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT RAPE, SHOUT THEM DOWN) and ringing any venue they can to stop bookings. And of course, there is occasional bout of violence. Until last year, despite the constant noise from the Left, we have let them get on with it without ever really sinking to their levels. We have facts & the ability to discuss issues on our side which is something they lack, preferring to shout & abuse rather than talk. But this is slowly changing.

And this is Mike’s (and the left in general) problem. He’s spent so much time and effort talking about the supposed wrongdoings of us without ever really reflecting or actually trying to understand or discuss due to narrow mindedness. He has had plenty of opportunity to actually have a conversation with his boogeyman/boogeymen but won’t, preferring to hide behind his keyboard. There is no saying they would both come away from a chat & best mates or even slightly agreeing with each other, but at least would have listened rather than hiding behind a block button. It’s understandable that he wanted to see Mike, if anybody spoke about you that much and had such a vendetta against what you stand for, there will be a point where you break.

So, should the right start using the same tactics as the left? After all, we have more to lose than them as they seemingly do not care about the changing demographics of Europe, violence against opponents, racist rape gangs or a dangerously changing culture here and abroad. The moral high ground is still ours, but it can quickly be lost. Let me know what you think as this won’t be the end.

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