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News » ‘Kill white babies’ rapper only faces fine

‘Kill white babies’ rapper only faces fine

French prosecutors are calling for a very benevolent sentence of a suspended 5000€ fine to ‘Nick Conrad’, a Cameroonian born in France rapper that is on trial for incitement to murder, after he sung about ‘Hanging white people’ and killing all white babies

“I go into a nursery and kill white babies, catch them fast and hang their parents, quarter them to pass the time, entertain the black kids of all ages, young and old. Whip them hard, do it so that it stinks of death, and blood gushes.”

Apparently, for French Prosecutors, open calls for violence and murder to people of different races only deserve fines if you’re black. Mohamed Mehadji, the real name of the ‘French’ rapper Nick Conrad faces a suspended fine of 5000€ (roughly 4250£) for incitement to murder.

As bad as the lyrics, the video portrays a white man being shot and tortured by the rapper. The white man is forced to bite the pavement and is kicked in the head before being hanged. The rapper has claimed to the court on Wednesday that the video ‘was obviously a fictional depiction of racism, designed to shock by inverting roles, and therefore not to be taken face value’, pulling off the ‘argument’ that white people can’t really face racism.

Although the charge against him could result in up to five years in prison and 45 000€ in fines, prosecutors think he has had enough already and have requested a very soft, suspended fine of 5000€, leaving one wondering if the same would occur if the rapper was white.

The trial is set to continue on March 19th.

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