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John Cleese praised for remarking that ‘London is no longer an English city’

Despite the fake leftist rage from journalists and politicians from the establishment, the English comedian was actually praised by the public for being honest, trustworthy, and ‘telling it like it is’

Despite the famous English actor John Cleese being criticised for repeating his 2011 remark that “London was no longer an English city” by people such as virtue signaler leftist comedian Dom Joly and London’s Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan who repeated the sentence ‘Diversity is our greatest strength’ like a broken record in an Orwellian fashion, the public actually praised his honesty and frontality on claiming that London doesn’t look like England or an English city at all.

Dave, one of the most voted tweets in the replies to London’s Muslim mayor says that despite being born in London, he too feels that it isn’t what used to be any longer and that while crime rates keep going up, Sadiq Khan thinks more on policing opinions, instead of his own city.

Joseph, praises Mr Cleese for speaking out and that the majority of the nation stands with him and agrees 100% with his statement.

Cleese is 100% correct, another user says.

Even on BBC’s facebook comments, most of the voted answers to the article of his remark (who curiously the social network kept them at the bottom of the thread to have less visibility) were backing up his statement that London is no longer an English city, and that ‘speaking the truth gets you in so much trouble these days’.

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