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Italian PM allows African migrants to dock in

NGO Sea Watch migrants are allowed to dock in Italy after 7 European governments (including Italy) agreed on taking them in

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has given the green light for the disembark of 47 migrants ‘rescued’ by the NGO Sea Watch vessel after Italy itself and 6 other countries (Malta, Luxembourg, Portugal, Romania, France and Germany) agreed on taking them in.

“Luxembourg has joined the list of friendly countries that responded to our invitation [to take the migrants], now we are seven countries,” Conte announced to the press.

In a very lecturing and virtue signaling tweet, the NGO Sea Watch said that ‘the hostage situation seems to be over’, taking into account the numerous accusations and reports that these NGOs are colluding with human traffickers, perhaps they are hinting themselves has kidnappers as well. It continues on saying that “EUrope”, crying for help from European institutions, should be ‘ashamed’ for the Italian government not allowing their aid to human traffickers and smugglers to continue, finishing with the hashtag #OpenThePorts, wanting for the invasion of thousands of illegal African migrants to carry on.

The fate of these Sub-Saharan migrants has been at the centre of a dispute between Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini, who has closed the ports to migrants and the German NGO Sea Watch (among many others).

Salvini, who said that he was considering suing against Sea Watch’s crew, refused to be dragged on to how many migrants Italy would be taking in.

“Once we know with certainty what the others will do, then I’ll say what we will do,” he said.

Mr Salvini accused as well the ship of sailing straight for Italy rather than taking the migrants to closer ports in Libya or Tunisia, but the NGO says, very conveniently, that it tried but failed to get a reply from either Tripoli or Tunis.

“I find it very odd that in the middle of a storm Sea Watch moves to Italy instead of the closest safest port: Tunisia,” Salvini tweeted yesterday.

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