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Italian-Egyptian ‘Mahmood’ to represent Italy in Eurovision song contest

After Bilal Hassani’s national victory in France, to represent the country in the Eurovision song contest, Mahmood, a singer with Egyptian origins will also represent Italy in the contest, making him the 2nd Arab on the show

This year’s Eurovision will surely have a higher share of people with Arab origin on the show, making Alessandro Mahmoud, stage name of ‘Mahmood’ with Italian and Egyptian ancestry, the 2nd Arab on the contest, after the controversial Bilal Hassani, representing France.

His song, called ‘Soldi’ or Money in Italian is storytelling of his childhood which includes words in Arabic, even though his parents divorced while he was a child, leaving his mother which is Italian, raising him alone while his Egyptian father left the scene and didn’t watch his growth. Despite his surname, stage name, physical appearance and Arab influence on his song, he hilariously told reporters, he is “100% Italian” and that he only intended for the song to tell a story instead of making a political point.

Italy’s national contest to chose the singer that will represent the country in Eurovision, ‘Sanremo’ also had its share of controversies this year. In the voting system of Sanremo, 60% of the score is given by a jury of ‘music experts and journalists’ (basically the establishment and their globalist tendencies) while the remainder 40% of the score is given by the public vote, and it turned that the public overwhelming chose Ultimo, the pseudonym of the singer Niccolò Moriconi.

Luigi Di Maio, Salvini’s coalition partner and deputy prime minister, from the Five Star Movement, added to the controversy by saying “I offer my congratulations to Mahmood, to Ultimo and to all the others, and I thank Sanremo because this year has made known to millions of Italians the abysmal distance between the people and the ‘elites’, those of the radical ‘chic’. Next year, maybe the winner should only be chosen by televoting, given that it costs Italians 51 cents to make them count!”

In a pinned Youtube comment on the video‘s song, the viewer, in a very ‘progressive’ statement said that “I am extremely glad and proud we’ll be represented by a young, hardworking songwriter with a diverse ethnic background both in his personal life and his music,” proving that this year’s Sanremo winner was not only about his ‘life story’ and music but how ‘diversity’ and everything with foreign origin, won at the end of the day.

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