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Imperium Europa: The Maltese Party That Wants To Re-Unite The Right

In my recent rundown of who to vote for in the impending EU Elections, I missed a very promising party from Malta. The Maltese, unfortunately, sits between Italy & Libya, meaning that it has its fair share of illegal visitors turning up in boats and for a small country, the native population are not taking too kindly to it (much like their Italian neighbours).

Imperium Europa, the countries 3rd party which wants its own country & the remainder of Europe to claw back and retain its cultural roots. Founded in 1999, the professedly Eurosceptic party has re-migration as one of its principles. It has doubled its vote in every election as the country wakes up and sees what is happening across the continent as a result of the “New Europeans”. They also want to unite the European populist parties for the benefit of everyone.

I spoke with Adrian, an active member of the party to find out more about their goals & where Malta is now.

What does the general public of Malta think of mass immigration?

The general public of Malta is tired of immigration. A 2014 survey had revealed that 87% are fed up of the situation. The party in government is led by a Prime Minister who offered a solution in the form of ‘pushback’. Upon being elected, he faced a legal challenge by 69 lawyers coming from the ‘nationalist’ party (one of them is the leader of opposition nowadays). In view of the situation, the newly elected Prime Minister decided to call the electoral promise ‘a mistake’ and opted for a major U-turn. He is now in adopting burden-sharing and integration.

The electorate does not have much choice in general elections: it is a choice between two parties that are both subservient to the will of the EU through the dogged submission to EPP and S&D with whom they associate.

Is there a concern amongst young Maltese residents at the state of Europe at the moment or are they “progressive”?

Malta is allowing 16-18-year-olds to vote for the first time. They are deemed to be mature enough to vote but not mature enough to contest!

The young residents are aware of the situation because they are witnessing the take-over of the country. Yet this will change since future generations would grow up in multicultural setups and would hence be unable to compare and contrast. Second, third generation immigrants will also obtain the right to vote, hence reducing the chances of right-wing parties to get elected.

Regarding the State of Europe, the Maltese absolute majority is in favour of the EU project but is unaware of the actual state since the media and press are hijacked by the two national parties that breach ethics and regulations at every stage. Hence the people is being deprived of its right to accurate information.

Imperium Europa currently enjoys the support of a good number of young residents.

Do you think Europe can turn itself around and become a safer continent again?

It is becoming increasingly evident that a safer continent means one which is not driven by economic values and objectives – hence one that retains the Unity which the EU project managed to achieve but a different strategy. IE advocates for a Europe of Regions and Peoples (Regional Democracies). Our IDEA is to have a minimalistic European Union: not one of controls and legislation and economic values/objectives but one that places environment, liberties, the safeguard of democracy and Identity at the top of the priority list.
Economy-driven agendas are destructive agendas that turn people into numbers. Hence the need for immigration for cheap-labour and higher profits, overpopulation to drive property prices up and so on. This at the permanent detriment of many factors.

A safe continent is one which safeguards European cultures and traditions. IE is pro-diversity. It recognizes the many different cultures within the continent and looks forward to preserving this European diversity. Insane immigration programmes are not pro-diversity but anti-diversity. They will eventually lead to the same environment, the same faces, the same languages, the same cultures throughout the entire continent. The current diversity and integration programmes are nothing but ethnic replacement programmes.

What is the reaction in Malta to you & your campaign?

We enjoy a very good support at present. It is clear that Imperium Europa will turn out to be the third biggest party in the coming election; despite the many attempts by the two main parties (duopoly) to shut us up.
Our leader, Mr Norman Lowell, spent 20 years campaigning for the Imperium Europa IDEA. He was given a suspended prison sentence for expressing himself on the international financiers that control the media and the big business.

We have experienced character assassinations, employment threats and constant discrimination by authorities that are made up of members elected by the President upon the recommendation of the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition. The Broadcasting Authority, the Press Ethics Board, you name it – it is either biased or corrupt.

The election is on Saturday 25th. A few days ago the Government decided to attack right-wing parties (Imperium Europa being the major one) through the association of its anti-immigration policies with a murder of a migrant committed by two soldiers. The media did a big fuss about this but it, later on, transpired that the two soldiers were Labourites (supporters of this Government).

We believe that we stand a good chance of electing a candidate this time round. What is definite is that the chunk of votes IE is obtaining will grant it further power that will serve to advance right-wing policies.

The right-wing has been split over petty issues for many years. It is time to pull our sleeves and bridge the gaps. It is time to stand together, unite on our bigger missions and Defend Our Europe. We have never achieved this before and our chances of success diminish as Traitors and armchair political nincompoops devise strategies to emarginate us by means of forced immigration, the granting of the vote to the unwelcome, further legislation, school indoctrination campaigns and the constant administration of opium through ridiculous electoral promises.

Right-wing parties must not adopt old tactics in order to be successful. We must be patient, win arguments through the use of advanced forms of reason, be diplomatic in our efforts and persistent in our claims. AVE!


Thank you to the Imperium Europa for speaking with us. More about them can be found here

More about the EU Election can be found here

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