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Immigration Week on Croatian-Slovenian Border: 102 Immigrants Arrested

Immigration week

Last week Slovenian police arrested 102 immigrants who were illegally crossing the border with Croatia.

Over the course of the last week, Slovenian police caught 27 immigrants and 1 Slovenian people smuggler. Among them were 9 immigrants from Kosovo, 4 from Pakistan, 3 from Somalia and Algeria and two from Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and – Croatia.

The Croats were fined and then released; 7 immigrants sought asylum in Slovenia and the rest were returned to Croatia.

Police officers from Ljubljana PD caught 11 immigrants on Monday, of whom 6 come from Morroco and 5 from Algeria. Their status is not known.

Later that day, in the evening, police caught 5 immigrants, of whom 2 were from Pakistan and 2 from Albania. 1 Iranian was caught a little while later. All were returned to Croatia.

On Tuesday, police caught 12 immigrants while they were illegally crossing the border. Among them were 7 nationals of Bangladesh, 3 Morrocans, as well as a Lybian and a Kosovar. Their status is unknown.

During Wednesday, police found a Lybian and an Algerian on the underbody of a freight train in Dobova from Serbia. Both were returned to Croatia.

On the same day police caught another 18 migrants, This time it was 6 Syrians, 4 Morrocans, 3 Turks and Iranians, as well as 1 national of Afghanistan and Egypt respectively. Their status is not known.

In a separate incident, Slovenian police also caught 2 Turks and 1 Afghani. 1 of them was returned to Croatia; 1 sought asylum in Slovenia, and 1 was handed over to Italian police.

During Friday, Slovenian police caught 9 immigrants and 2 smugglers, Pakistani nationals, who, with a personal vehicle with Italian registration, tried to smuggle the immigrants. The status of the 9 immigrants form Pakistan is unknown.

Police caught another 7 Algerians that day who were turned over to Croatian police.

This is an English translation of a well-done Croatian article which first appeared here.

Immigration week




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