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Gillette’s Propaganda And Those Behind The Advertising Industry

Advertising has become extremely political

Unless you’re an internet-deprived recluse, you’ll have seen Gillette’s latest attempt at post-modern propaganda in the form of their divisive new advert. The advert, based on the recent #MeToo hysteria, appears to take aim at all men, attacking that favoured liberal concept “toxic masculinity” by displaying examples of men behaving poorly. What more astute observers have noted, also, is that the men depicted as behaving poorly are almost exclusively of European descent, whilst those stepping in to demonstrate “how men should behave” are mostly from non-European backgrounds. Fortunately this ridiculous marketing stunt has backfired, with parent company Procter and Gamble’s share price taking a substantial hit and hundreds of thousands of customers expressing their disdain and intent never to purchase Gillette products again. This is a good result, but it addresses the symptom not the disease. The real disease is the advertising industry and how it has been weaponized by special interest groups wielding its force to espouse political messages of a very anti-Western variety. It’s worth taking a cursory glance at the advertising industry itself, to determine the root cause of this incredibly poisonous phenomenon.

One of Procter and Gamble’s favoured advertising agencies is the New York-based Grey Global Group, who incidentally produced Gillette’s “toxic masculinity” ad. Grey Global Group was founded in 1917 by Lawrence Valenstein and Arthur C. Fatt – two extremely Jewish men who, along with fellow Jews of the era such as Herbert D. Strauss, William Bernbach and many more, are credited with “opening the advertising industry to a new generation of Jewish advertising professionals. Wikipedia’s words, not ours. Grey New York, the branch that produced this shameful Gillette advert, is currently headed up by CEO Debby Reiner – surprise, surprise – who, in a 2017 interview, claimed the industry was falling short in the diversity stakes and is spearheading a 5-point diversity action plan.


These thought-provoking patterns do not simply cease at the doors of Grey’s, however, but can be found right across the advertising industry. The world’s largest advertising company, at the time of writing, is WPP Group founded by businessman Martin Sorrell, who is British by citizenship but whose ancestors came from Russia, Poland and Romania – needless to say, Sorrell comes from a Jewish family. Incidentally, Sorrell has also been involved with Saatchi and Saatchi, an advertising agency which worked to install the Conservative Party in office in Britain during the late 1970s and early 80s.

The second largest advertising company worldwide is Omnicom Group. This venture began in 1986 as a result of a merger between various smaller companies; the key people noted as Omnicom founders are Allen Rosenshine, Keith Reinhard and John Bernbach. Interesting. The company’s website is everything you might expect from a multi-billion pound corporation; commitments to collaboration, breaking down barriers and, of course, that favourite buzzword “diversity”. Predictably, their “diversity” section features exclusively non-white actors. It would be interesting to note what campaigns they’ve been involved with.

The third largest of the advertising giants is French multinational Publicis Groupe. Publicis was founded in 1926 by 20-year-old protege Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet, a Russian-Jewish furniture salesman living in Northern Paris at the time. Erstwhile CEO of Publicis, who served for over 30 years until two years ago, was Maurice Levy, who now holds an influential position as Chairman of the Board. The other key individual at this company is none other than Bleustein’s daughter, Elizabeth Badinter. One dreads to think the sorts of advertising campaigns they’re involved in.

We could continue. The fourth, The Interpublic Group, is currently governed by CEO Michael I. Roth, for instance. A pattern is developing here that even the meanest intelligence could not fail to notice. Another point we cannot fail to notice is the current flavour of advertising campaigns in Western nations; against men; against people of European descent; for immigration; for the LGBT(P) agenda; for generally liberal ideas.

Current advertising campaigns are so highly politicised that they are almost indistinguishable from party political broadcasts in some instances. They have the money to fund such campaigns and, make no mistake about it, they’re not serving the public in this capacity. Genuine advertising would enable customers to make informed decisions about products on the market, but current advertising is aimed at pushing a political message whilst distorting the market so that the consumer is directed towards the products the advertising companies can profit from.

It is imperative that concerned citizens raise awareness about the brutal nature of the politicisation of the advertising industry. These giant corporations are betraying their responsibility to behave in an ethical manner, and this latest Gillette advert demonstrates grand recklessness in its apparent attempt to portray men of European descent to be fundamentally bad people. Such propaganda can lead to real world consequences and uninformed political decisions that could cause real suffering to men whose only crime (original sin) is their gender.

If you have any opinions on this advert, you can voice them in the comments below Gillette’s YouTube video.

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