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News » Iraqi Asylum-seeker Charged with Rapes & Murder of 14-year Old Girl in Germany
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Iraqi Asylum-seeker Charged with Rapes & Murder of 14-year Old Girl in Germany


On Wednesday, German prosecutors charged Ali Bashar, a rejected Iraqi-asylum seeker, for the child rape and murder of 14-year-old Susanna Maria Feldman. What has become widely known as the ‘Susanna case’, has sparked a contentious debate about immigrant crime in Germany.

The accused, 21-year-old Ali Bashar fled Germany to northern Iraq following the brutal beating, rape, and strangling of the 14-year-old Feldman. Following an intense public outcry from the Germany public, Bashar has since been extradited back to Germany from Arbil in an operation that was joined personally by Dieter Romann, the federal police chief.


Despite there being no formal extradition treaty between Germany and Iraq, as soon as Bashar was in arrested in northern Iraq, he was placed on a flight to Germany.

Iraqi Bashar also stands accused of raping an another 11-year-old German girl two times in the months prior to the rape and murder of Susanna Feldman. The name of the other victim has yet to be released.

German prosecutors have also charged an additional asylum-seeker with rape, this time from Afghanistan, who was living at the same ‘refuge’ shelter. The accused, Mansoor Q., is believed to have raped the same 11-year-old girl.

The younger brother of Bashar – who is believed by authorities to be back in Iraq – also took part in a savage sexual assault against the same 11-year-old girl, prosecutors from Germany say.

Bashar, along with his parents and five siblings first arrived in Germany in 2015. After his request for asylum was rejected in December 2016, he was somehow able to obtain a temporary residence permit while his appeal was pending.

Ali Bashar

Since gaining temporary residency in 2016, Bashar has been anything but a model citizen. In his few years living in Germany he’s been trouble with the authorities on a number of occasions. His rap sheet includes assault, robbery, and possession of an illegal switchblade.

In his upcoming trial, the Iraqi faces additional charges for a robbery where he beat, strangled, and threatened with a man with a knife in order to steal his bag, watch, bankcard, and mobile phone.

The rape and murder case of Susanna Maria Feldman, the ‘Susanna Case’ as it’s become widely known, has prompted German politicians, including Chancellor Angela Merkel, to hasten the speed at which asylum-seekers who have broken the law in German are deported back to their countries.

Unfortunately, narratives like this one have become all too common in Western Europe. It certainly makes one wonder if the German people would be better off had they not adopted their current pro-mass migration policy.

How many more have to die before the German people are put first in their own country?

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