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Gay Moroccan Arab to represent France in Eurovision Song Contest

As the European song contest draws in, France decides to pull off a winner, on the ‘intersectional’ scale

France’s this year peculiar choice for being represented in the European song contest is 19-year-old Bilal Hassani, born in Paris, France to a family from Casablanca, Morocco. Besides already winning in the ‘intersectional scale’, being from a family of, Arab-Muslim origin and gay in a Western European country, the singer and youtuber is already embroiled in his own share of controversies for such a short carrier so far.

The singer, who is already taking legal action against those who perpetrated ‘racist and homophobic’ attacks against him (in social media), apparently has no problems on mocking the victims of French terror attacks, when a video emerged where he cheerfully sings along the street “Attacks here, attacks by there!”

As for the song itself, Roi, doesn’t seem any particularly brilliant either, being in both English and French, with lyrics such as:
“I, I’m not rich, but I’m shining bright
I can see my kingdom now
Quand je rêve, je suis un roi
Quand je rêve, je suis un ROI”

The last sentence meaning “when I see myself, I am a KING.”

Ever since the mid 2010s, countries from Western Europe have been increasingly betting in more ‘colourful characters’ for being represented in the European wide show which now includes countries such as Australia, Azerbaijan and since 1973 ago, Israel, where the show will be hosted this year.

The year of 2014 marked a new point for cultural marxism in the show, where drag queen ‘Conchita Wurst’ won the contest, representing Austria, with many critics pointing that he might have won for what he is and not for how or what he sings, in an environment that highly rewards minorities. 5 years later, those cast of doubts appear to reemerge again with Bilal Hassani.

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