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French Government Examining All Options to Disband Generation Identity

Generation Identity

The French government announced yesterday that its services were examining legal ways to disband Generation Identity following the group’s latest action in the family benefits agency of Seine-Saint-Denis, which also announced that charges would be pressed against all 19 participants.

In line with their traditional operating methods, GI activists occupied last Friday, the family benefits agency of Seine-Saint-Denis ( CAF ), home to the largest foreign population in metropolitan France. Activists climbed on the rooftop where they deployed a giant banner displaying the slogan « benefits for the French, not for foreigners ». The agency was subsequently closed during the entire duration of GI’s occupation. The action lasted for a few hours until the police arrived and forcibly evacuated all activists.

The secretary of state for the health ministry denounced the action as « a hostage-taking situation » despite its entirely non-violent nature, and announced that she would meet with interior minister Christophe Castaner and justice minister Nicole Belloubet in order to « explore legal ways to disband Generation Identity ».

The 19 activists arrested last Friday are facing charges for « obstructing freedom of work » which is punishable by 3 years in jail and a 45’000 € fine.

Generation Identity


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