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News » France: diverse gangs terrorize and vandalize property in the city of Trélazé
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France: diverse gangs terrorize and vandalize property in the city of Trélazé

Saturday evening, two neighbourhoods of the Angevin metropolitan area witnessed scenes of violence. According to Ouest-France, two dozens of men first attacked a car, armed with an iron bar, Trélazé. In the process, three people were injured, including one with stab wounds

Raw footage on social media show at least two dozens of young men, of ethnic background completely smashing a car with irons and bats and then randomly escaping the crime scene in their vehicles in the city of Trézalé, Western France.

More property was vandalized and fights were done by these fine gentlemen earlier. A first fight happened between four young men a little before 8 pm. The second one, more spectacular was filmed an hour later, by the residents as we can see in the footage, where we can see, about twenty individuals completely smashing a Mercedes.

The mayor of the city of Trélazé, Marc Goua in reaction to this wave of diverse vandalism, reacts:
“For 2/3 months, we see tensions growing a little stronger, I’m not surprised by the number of young people of 20 years and a few years wandering around. I’m not happy, it’s been months since I’ve said that it will not end well in these neighbourhoods.” The mayor also claimed that unemployment was the main driver for this vandalism wave and not the gang’s ethnic background.

Three people were wounded by irons and stab wounds on the knees and stomach. Their lives, however, are not in danger.

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