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For the Mainstream Media it’s April Fools’ every day!

It’s already obvious at this point that the mainstream media lies (a lot), we could mention most recent cases like the Trump campaign’s Russia’s possible collusion, or that Hillary Clinton would most definitely win the US presidential elections back in 2016 but this April fool’s day, we take a look at their pranks on this side of the pond

Take, for instance, the BBC. The BBC does it’s best to frame white Europeans as the oppressors and minorities as their eternal victims. White = bad and Brown = good and when the Brown doesn’t do any good, well, it’s time to hide the brown away the most you can. The most recent case for example, which was immediately corrected after readers complained in the comments when a Senegalese immigrant tried to set on fire a bus with 50 Italian children. The BBC tried to pass it as ‘an Italian national’, basically Mario Spaghetti trying to set on fire a bus full of children for whatever reason when actually the Senegalese immigrant was, in reality, trying to take revenge because his fellow African countrymen were no longer being able to illegally enter Europe because of Salvini’s policies.

Here in the first screenshot, we can see BBC’s original article, no mention of the driver’s identity and his intentions at all.

In the second screenshot, we can see the piece of news edited, after many people online complained in the comments, both on twitter and facebook.

The BBC’s distorted view of reality doesn’t stop on their news however, it even goes to the point on revisioning history.

As we can see in the tweet above with several videos screenshotted from ‘BBC teach’, according to BBC, Britain was already Wakanda since ancient times, with black Roman Britons, black Iron Age blacksmiths, black Celts, Black Norman priests and Black English Noblemen. Projection much?

The BBC doesn’t stop at ‘education videos’, it goes through every piece of entertainment you can think of, through all sort of eras, with a black Achilles, a black Margaret of Anjou, a black Friar Tuck from Robin Wood and so on, until every single character from myth or fiction is blackwashed way by them.

It’s not only on quotas, the news or entertainment, but the BBC also tries to re-write history to fit in their multiculturalist and diverse Worldview, which wasn’t much of a reality some 30, 40 years ago.

As George Orwell puts it:

“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”

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