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News » Finland: Man arrested on suspicion of sexually harassing 40 underage girls

Finland: Man arrested on suspicion of sexually harassing 40 underage girls


A thirty-one-year-old man living in the Finnish town of Espoo was arrested on the suspicion of sexual abuse of 40 minors. The suspected predator attracted victims on Instagram.

According to Max Bockin, the crime investigation commissioner of the Western Uusimaa police, all the suspects were underage girls, aged between 10 and 15 years old.

“This has been an abuse of social media in the world that, according to current knowledge, does not involve physical interaction,” Bock says.

The targeting of such young girls happened in the last year, from 2018 to 2019. The suspected man in custody used several social media accounts in his harassment campaigns, however, the most important of them have been on Instagram, where the material has been exchanged with the victims.

The Chief Investigator confirms as well that the suspected of sexual abuse of children has occurred through photos and videos. In addition to exchanging the material, graphic sexual conversation has taken place.

“It can be seen that this is practised and there are many litigants. Children don’t tell them to their parents or other experts on a small threshold. It’s a matter of social concern, ”says Bock.

Reports so far are not clear on the identity of the suspect and if he is of foreign origin.

However, it has not been uncommon reports of men of Middle Eastern origin forming ‘grooming gangs‘ to rape underage girls across Europe, the most notable case being Rotherham in the United Kingdom.

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