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News » Fake News and hysteria by the Mainstream media about the Amazon Rain forest fires run wild
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Fake News and hysteria by the Mainstream media about the Amazon Rain forest fires run wild

Like in any other major World event completely milked by the mainstream media and establishment politicians, there is lots of disinformation, however, during the latest Amazon rainforest fires, those same fake news news and disinformation have been rampant: misinterpration of data, use of old fire pictures or just plain hypocrisy, including by establishment politicans, such as Macron have been used for the demonization of current president Bolsonaro. Let’s start with this last example.

Revolting and angering the picture, isn’t? This picture however is at the very least, 16 years old. The exact date of when it was taken is unknown but it was taken by photographer Loren McIntyre, who died in 2003, according to the AFP.

But certainly, for such outrage by the mainstream media and international, establishment politicans, the Amazon rainforest fires must be especially bad, right?

Any fire that destroys wildlife and biodiversity is bad sure, but the fires in the Amazon this year, have been exactly between the averages of previous years when the Leftist Lula or Dilma’s government was in charge.

As you can see in this graphic, cortesy of the New York Times, the number of fires for the entire Amazon region have been on track with the average of the last 8 years, and even lower than during Lula’s government, from 2003 to 2010. In fact, similar wildfires, have been ravaging the Bolivian side of the Amazon for almost 4 weeks by now and nobody from the mainstream media blinked an eye.

This in fact, it’s not the biggest fire in the region within the last decade, but actually one of the smallest.

In this graph, we can  see the total fires detected by satellite imagery, since 1998 until so far in 2019, it has actually been the best year for the Amazon rainforest so far, but we have to take also into the account that 2019 hasn’t finished yet. In fact, through satellite imagery, the current fires in Angola and the Congo have been far worse than the ones in Brazil.

So what is the difference? Why have Brazilian Amazon fires been so talked by the mainstream media and establishment politicians? The answer lies in who rules Brazil right now. Bolsonaro’s election caused quite an upset for the establishment and this sudden environmental awareness by the leftist media when those same fires were almost completely unnoticed during Lula’s or Dilma’s regime (leftist governments) and the Bolsonaro’s derangement syndrome is almost as bad the Trump one.

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