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News » Facebook wants to censor alternative media ahead of EU elections
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Facebook wants to censor alternative media ahead of EU elections

During both the North American and Brazilian elections, Mark Zuckerberg’s company created a ‘war room’ to oversee the way how the social media giants, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp that are all part of the same group were used. Facebook intends to do the same ahead of the next European Union elections, coming next May, setting a new ‘war room’ in Dublin, with the intention of allegedly ‘protecting the integrity of elections’.

So what does Mr.Zuckerberg and his company intend to do so? Easy, kick out users who ‘misbehave’ (with misbehaving likely being to say anything that goes against the mainstream media narrative), to reduce ‘fake news’ (meaning anything outside the perspective and narrative of the mainstream media) and ‘increasing transparency’, translating to knowing the names and faces of who pays out for political ads, the company being allowed to know the identity of those who finance (possibly inconvenient) political ads.

Anika Geisel, who manages the company’s public policy for elections in Europe wrote in a blog post this Monday that: “Learning from every election over the last two years, we have increased our capabilities to take down fake accounts, reduce false news, increase ads transparency, disrupt bad actors and support an informed and engaged electorate.” Mrs. Geisel however in her statement was not very clear on what is ‘false news’, what makes a bad actor bad and what sorts of information and perspective she wants the electorate to be informed about.

The European elections, coming May 26th 2019, will be decisive shaping the policies of the European Union and part of the continent over the next 5 years, with the establishment showing it’s increasing nervousness of how much their share of the seats and grip on power might fall over the new populist wave, aligning themselves with big tech to censor you and your right to be informed from different perspectives.

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