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‘Europe is NOT white!’ Says African Woman Running For European Elections


The European Parliament elections are less than 2 months away but all sorts of regressive leftist candidates are already making their biggest efforts in order to monopolise the vote of the electorate with white guilt and to get their share of attention. 

Joacine Katar-Moreira, an African woman from Guinea-Bissau, a highly unstable African country, is running for the European Parliament elections through the far left Portuguese party LIVRE. During a conference last Monday (March 25th) in a very crowded theatre room in Brussels, the black feminist and political activist, with a ‘very useful’ Ph. D in African studies, made an outlandish claim (among many others in her speech): Europe is not white and is not democratic without black women.

In the video of her speech, shared on social media, where the candidate speaks in English she starts with:

Europe is NOT white. Europe is not a white man, also! There is no democracy in Europe without ethnic minorities. And there is no democracy in Europe without black women in stages like these. And also, there is no democracy without equity and equality, of course. But also, there is no equality without the voices of ethnic minorities in Europe – and here [in this room] – I don’t see a lot of them here.’

The overwhelming white crowd then applauds and cheers for a few moments.

‘So I don’t know if MY Europe is yours, or is yours’, pointing to all the white faces in the room.

‘I think that it’s important understanding that ecology, democracy, prosperity, is NOT a white thing, it’s a human thing. And also that it’s important, very important to understand that equality is not enough. We NEED social justice in Europe.’

The overwhelming white crowd then proceeds to applaud, cheer and even whistle for several minutes with the former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis in the background also cheering for this decadent show of intersectionality.

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