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News » ‘Europe is not white’ LIVRE party loses votes and only manages 1.8% of the results
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‘Europe is not white’ LIVRE party loses votes and only manages 1.8% of the results


The famous and polemic ‘Europe is not white‘ speech became viral right after its release by the Portuguese far left party LIVRE, part of the wider EU Spring group in their bid for the European Parliament elections. Turns out that denying people their homeland, claiming that equality is not enough and pushing for social justice in Europe is not that popular after all

The Portuguese Party LIVRE, known in these European elections for the polemic claim of their newest candidate that ‘Europe is not a white and not a white man’ did worse than the previous European elections of 2014, despite lower voting turn out of almost 70% in its native country Portugal.

From 2.2% and 71 602 votes in 2014 to 1.8% and 60 575 in 2019, the Portuguese party LIVRE did worse these elections, a terrible defeat for their ‘woke’ and intersectional politics this year.

As we can see in this graph, that compares the results of the European elections in Portugal between the most recent ones in 2019 and the ones from 2014, LIVRE not only lost in absolute votes, in percentual points, as well as downgrading from the 6th most voted party to the 8th, behind a recently created Libertarian party and barely ahead of Basta!, a nationalist coalition, barely one month old.

It’s not the end of the ‘woke’ candidate Joacine Katar Moreira however, according to the leader of the party, Rui Tavares, with the help of the same share of votes, in the next national elections already in October in Portugal, they might elect her through the Lisbon district.

If they succeed in being elected, racial tensions already high in Portugal might accelerate even further, with ideas for racial quotas in Parliament, Universities and Public office, as well as more severe punishments to the police force being suggested by other far left parties such as Bloco de Esquerda and far left journalists from Público and Diário de Notícias.

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