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News » ‘Europe is not white’ black rights feminist elected in Portugal, celebrates victory with African flag
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‘Europe is not white’ black rights feminist elected in Portugal, celebrates victory with African flag


It happened. The possibly ‘wokest’ and most intersectional figure of European politics this year was elected. Not for the European Parliament as she was hoping for, but for the Portuguese one. Joacine Katar Moreira, the African woman from Guinea-Bissau was elected for the Portuguese Parliament yesterday in the country’s national elections.

The 37-year-old, with a PhD in African studies, more known in Europe for her ‘Europe is not white‘ and ‘Europe is not a white man’ speech was elected for these Sunday elections in Portugal. The radical, intersectional feminist and black rights activist, after a difficult campaign where she stuttered for more than 15 seconds, having difficulty saying a single word on a debate killing precious debate time while doing her improvised beatboxing, still managed to win a seat in the Portuguese Parliament.

Debate de partidos sem representação parlamentar

Momentos insólitos durante a intervenção da candidata do LIVRE, Joacine Katar Moreira no debate entre partidos sem representação parlamentar.

Gepostet von Invictus Portucale am Mittwoch, 2. Oktober 2019

Her own stuttering actually gave her some visibility, as rumours spread out on social networks that she was perhaps faking it in order to get notoriety. Despite her whole campaign being meant to represent the African community, with proposals such quotas for African students in colleges or for African people as public servants, automatic nationality for every single person who borns in the country, the majority of her electors were white, wealthy and affluent upper-middle class who most likely hate themselves from the most prestigious areas of Lisbon, Portugal’s capital.

As you can see in this map, the municipality of Lisbon, where the candidate had the most votes for the LIVRE party, is as central as you can get, mirroring the rest of socialist champagne’s elite in Europe. She was not the only radical feminist black activist running for MP, however, another very similar figure, Senegalese Beatriz Dias, this time for Bloco de Esquerda, ‘Left’s Bloc’ in Portuguese who actually says that there is a ‘white hegemony‘ in the country, was elected, so this mandate will be filled with non stop, woke black women.

As for her victory speech, she said that “there is no place for the far-right in parliament” and that her party will be “the anti-fascist and anti-racist left”, funnily enough, as news became known that the first nationalist MP had also won a seat in more of 45 years of Democratic Socialism for the CHEGA party. Her victory speech was also accompanied by many of her party’s flags, her own native country’s flag, but not surprisingly, the country she is claiming to represent for, Portugal.

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