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News » Estonian Elections – Nationalist party becomes 3rd biggest force in the country

Estonian Elections – Nationalist party becomes 3rd biggest force in the country

Despite the Libertarian party Reform winning the elections with 28.8% of the vote, ahead of Centre party who managed to reach 23%, the populist, nationalist EKRE party managed to more than double its results with a score of 17.8%, from 8.1% in 2015, becoming the 3rd biggest political force in the country, last Sunday

The leader of the winner party, Kaja Kallas already stated that”EKRE is not a choice for us,” while saying her party would “keep all coalition options on the table”, already winking her eye to the 2nd biggest party by saying that her party has “strong differences with Centre in three areas: taxation, citizenship, and education,” basically wanting to keep the establishment status quo.

The populist party, EKRE made many gains while pushing for anti-migrant and anti-‘refugee’ rhetoric as well as after promising to cut income and excise taxes, where the two main parties support the continuation of austerity policies which despite leaving Estonia with the lowest debt level in any Eurozone country, have also created anger among the rural population who feel left behind by these measures.

It’s not the first time a Eurosceptic party made a surge in a Baltic country, with the also pro-Moscow, anti-Brussels Harmony Party finishing in first place in Latvia, last October.

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