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The English Countryside is “Too White”


A new report has been published by the UK Government this month titled ‘Landscapes Review’. One of the two aims of the report is to get more ethnic minorities into the English countryside. The report suggests:

“We want our national landscapes to work together with big ambitions so they are happier, healthier, greener, more beautiful and open to everyone.”

The 168-page independent report was commissioned by Michael Gove back when he was the Environment Secretary before Boris Johnson’s recent cabinet reshuffle. To summarise, the two outcomes of the report are:

  1. To stop environmental decline of England’s parks.
  2. To increase the number of ethnic minority visitors.

During this article I am going to be focusing on Outcome 2.

To quote page 70 of the report:

“Many communities in modern Britain feel that these landscapes hold no relevance for them. The countryside is seen by both black, Asian and minority ethnic groups and white people as very much a ‘white’ environment. If that is true today, then the divide is only going to widen as society changes. Our countryside will end up being irrelevant to the country that actually exists.”

There’s a lot to unpack in this paragraph alone. If England’s landscapes hold no relevance to ethnic minorities, then why are we trying to force them to feel a connection to them? Also, why are we surprised that people who come from a foreign land don’t feel a connection to our land? Additionally, notice how the report says: “as society changes”, and “Our countryside will end up being irrelevant to the country that actually exists”? We’re told that our demographic replacement is just a conspiracy theory. So let’s ignore the fact that the government are openly admitted the upcoming changes here!

However, the most staggering yet unsurprising point, is that the countryside is too white. It’s a “white environment”, and that is not allowed. Now, England is a white country so you would expect there to be at least a few “white environments” in a white country. But no, that doesn’t matter. Nowhere in England is allowed to be “too white”. We aren’t allowed anywhere. It starts in the cities, then moves to the towns, and now the countryside too. Nowhere is safe from forced diversity and multiculturalism.

Allegedly, regarding the governing bodies for our national landscapes:

  • There is a large gender imbalance across the membership, with roughly 68% of members being male and only 32% female.
  • Black, Asian and minority ethnic board members are extremely rare. Across National Parks and AONBs, together only 0.8% are from black, Asian or ethnic minorities.

And of course, that isn’t good enough. Because everything has to be based on diversity quotas and so-called “equality”. People aren’t allowed to just like what they like anymore. People aren’t allowed to pursue their own career or hobbies and interests. The two sexes have to like the same things in equal amounts. The widely different races and ethnicities have to demonstrate the same interests. Talent is irrelevant. Let’s focus on ticking those equal opportunity boxes instead.

Let’s start positive discrimination against white people in London’s police force because 40% of police officers have to be non-white. Let’s have diversity quotas in the army and the fire service, and let’s have fewer white people in senior positions in the NHS. It doesn’t matter that we’re risking lives by recruiting in such a way. It’s all about the diversity! We need more black people on TV. We need more black people and women in government. We need more black people working at heritage organisations. But we need fewer black people in prison. Let a few of them off with their crimes to even things out a bit.

Whenever you see that word “diversity”, it simply means fewer white people. And diversity quotas don’t just randomly stop at a certain percentage. As our share of the population plummets, the diversity quotas will be adjusted to match. Eventually it will be “40% of people in the government have to be non-white”, and then 50% will have to be, and then 60% will have to be. And if you planned to move to the country for a bit of peace and quiet and to get away from it all; well, it looks like you can’t even do that anymore.


Watch the video version of this article here:

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