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Dutch Women Sexually Assaulted Nationwide by Eritrean

Train passing by Dutch flower field

If it’s up to the public prosecutors in the Netherlands, the 19 year old Eritrean migrant named Aman K., should be sent to jail for sexually assaulting girls and young women throughout the country. His victims, especially young women, were too afraid to respond. And scared to be called racist by standing up to him (yes, really).

According to the crown prosecutor, at least 10 sexual assaults and attempted sexual assault can be proven. As a result they are now asking for a suspended sentence of 1.5 year.

There is enough proof to show that Aman K. was indeed sexually harassing these women. Even though there is this evidence, he doesn’t claim responsibility for his behaviour. Does he have any idea what his sexual assault does to a woman? Especially in a train, where you can’t really go anywhere, it’s especially frightening.

The ‘asylum seeker’ can be seen on camera footage all throughout the country. Footage that was shown during his trial shows him shortly after and during the assaults… sometimes even on overcrowded train cabins. However, the man claims that “the women are all lying and that it never happened“.

Suspect looked for young women

He usually operated in the same way. He went looking for young women that were situated in near empty train cabins, so he could operate without being interrupted. Even when there was plenty of space elsewhere, the man, purposely, sat next to these women.

He then initiated the sexual assault by kissing his victims, sometimes even directly on their mouths. And, of course, he was also quite touchy. He touched his victims in the most private of places. He grabbed his victim’s buttocks, breasts and even put his hand in between their legs and placed it on her vagina. Sometimes he grabbed his own organ.

During the trial it became apparent that all his victims are now traumatised. One of the girls says that she’s afraid to travel by train. She’s also scared of men now.

I don’t trust anyone anymore and I rather stay at home.

One of the victims

Victim followed in Meppel

Another victim got on a train in the city of Groningen. The woman, at that time still under the age of 18, was wearing a skirt. Aman K. sat down next to her and put his hands on her bare legs. While doing that he repeatedly rubbed his private spots. The woman completely froze up. She was too afraid to scream or to do anything about it. She felt helpless.

When she got off the train in Meppel, the man followed her.

According to a psychiatrist the man has a “maladjustment” and repeated offense is very, very likely. “Everyone is worried about what this man is capable of”.

‘There’s nothing wrong with me’

Tuesday (yesterday) the cases of 11 of his victims were discussed during a trial. The suspect has assaulted women in: Groningen, Assen, Beilen, Meppel, Echten, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Gouda, the public prosecutor’s office has confirmed.

The suspect denies everything. According to him “all the women are lying and none of the accusations are true“. He went on to say that: “I won’t cooperate with any psychological exams, there’s nothing wrong with me and I feel fine“.

Two of his victims are underaged

Two of his victims so far are underaged: 13 and 15 years old. The police was able to pull DNA from one of the girls that the suspect had left in the neck of one of them. That directly matched with the DNA of Aman K.. Which he, of course, denied.

The man has been roaming Europe for a while now. He was born in Eritrea, quickly after moved to Sudan and was told by his mother to find his luck elsewhere, in Europe. Before coming to the Netherlands, he was in Denmark and Germany.

The Netherlands wants to kick him out of the country, which is especially made easy due to his trial. Not to mention that due to said trial he won’t ever get a residence permit. The suspect still says that he’s going to fight this decision.

The man is currently still locked up. His lawyer thinks he should be released. His explanation:

Firstly, it’s not illegal to sit next to someone. It is also not illegal to touch someone’s leg or smell someone’s hair. Besides this, I want to reiterate that my client is not responsible for his behaviour due to his psychological state.

Suspects lawyer



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