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News » Dutch State Secretary Resigns over Cover-Up of Migrant Crimes
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Dutch State Secretary Resigns over Cover-Up of Migrant Crimes

Today the Dutch State Secretary for Justice and Security has resigned over, quite literally, covering up violent crimes committed by migrants.

Not too long ago the Dutch Ministry for Justice and Security, together with the Dutch police (who are equally responsible for the statistical misrepresentation), released a list of ‘incidents’ involving migrants.

Daar ga je al

The list which starts off with:

  1. Shoplifting
  2. Pick-pocketing
  3. Assault
  4. Threats
  5. Destruction of property
  6. Other forms of theft
  7. Pilferage
  8. Aggravated theft
  9. Bicycle theft
  10. Insulting

… mysteriously ends with: Other.

Other incidents

Now, those “other incidents” didn’t include abortion, euthanasia or migrant women that started working as a way to celebrate their new found independence [sic]… no.

They are exactly what we felt it would most likely be… what every normal thinking human being could sense, knowing the traitorous nature of most European governments. We’re indeed talking about murder, manslaughter, sexual assault, rape… either inside or outside asylum centres.

Blaming each other

To save face, both the involved parties, are blaming one another. One says the ministry already knew about the crimes involved in the ‘Other’ category, while the Ministry of Justice silently points the finger at the police.

Earlier this afternoon the police has released the full list:

For those that don’t speak Dutch, let me translate a few crime categories to show you the magnitude of the problem:

  • Manslaughter: 51 incidents
  • Sexual assault: 47 incidents
  • Murder: 31 incidents
  • Violent shoplifting: 31 incidents
  • Street robberies: 26 incidents
  • Arson: 14 incidents
  • Production of child pornography: 8 incidents

The list goes on. Last week it came out that the Dutch police forces were involved in 4,600 incidents involving migrants. 2,600 punishable offenses, 1,710 migrants involved.

Just remember that this happened in a reasonably tiny European country. Makes you wonder what Merkel and Macron are hiding from the public.

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