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Dutch Farmers Rise Up

Dutch FaRMER

Today on the first of October thousands of farmers descended on Den Haag (where the Dutch government is seated) to protest the Green government initiatives. Radical globalist parties had proposed to cut the entire Dutch livestock population in half to reduce nitrogen emissions. Additionally, the Advisory college for nitrogen problems advised to remove agricultural companies with relatively high emissions and older stable systems from the surroundings of vulnerable nature reservations.

Dutch farmers who have been the victim of over-regulation, discrimination and radical left-wing terror for decades decided it was enough. With their tractors, they went to Den Haag to show their displeasure to the current government. This lead to the worst morning traffic ever in the Netherlands. 20.000 farmers showed up to the protest according to their organization.

Dutch Farmers

The protest of farmers is a relatively new thing in the Netherlands and it was the first time in 20 years that so many farmers chose to protest against the government. The police were out in full force and arrested three farmers. While the government is very hostile to the farmer’s interests, polls in the Netherlands showed today that roughly 90% of the Dutch population supported the farmer’s cause.

Nearly all current government parties are traditional farmer parties, the betrayal of one of their key constituencies could lead to a new political reality in the Netherlands. Dutch right-wing parties Forum for Democracy and the Freedom Party both realized this and chose to align themselves fully with the farmer’s protests. This was much appreciated by the protesting farmers who applauded loudly for these parties while booing the green and government parties.

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