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News » Denmark to Deport Four Kurds for Attack on Turkish Embassy
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Denmark to Deport Four Kurds for Attack on Turkish Embassy

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A Molotov cocktail attack on the Turkish Embassy in Copenhagen last year has culminated in deportation sentences for the four foreign perpetrators of the crime. Diversity has a… fiery element to it. So vibrant!

The four men were convicted at Copenhagen City Court on Wednesday for attacking the Turkish Embassy with petrol bombs in March 2018.

The men, all between the ages of 19 to 24, were found guilty of having thrown some 7 Molotov cocktails at the building in the Østerbro neighbourhood.

Three were given prison sentences of one year and nine months, while a one year, six month-long custodial sentence was given to the fourth.

All four will be deported from Denmark and given 12-year bans from entering the country.

Several people attending the trial broke into tears as the sentences were read out…

All four men are part of Copenhagen’s Kurdish community according to Ritzau.

The attack took place on March 19th last year. Charges were announced in November.

Episodes like these make one question whether the culprits would have suffered same punishment had they done this to a Danish government organ. One would hope so but the fact that people can’t be sure of this, is a problem.

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