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Spain: Afro-Dominican man accused of killing his wife a year ago jailed

The judge sends an Afro-Dominican man accused of killing his partner a year ago to jail. It happened in Granollers, Catalonia, Spain. They had a son in common and she was two months pregnant

The corpse of Vianca, 25 years old, appeared in a river two months after her disappearance. The alleged killer said that his wife had left voluntarily but his phone placed him near the place where the body was found.

The woman, of Bolivian nationality, had disappeared on July 16th, 2018 after having a strong fight with her partner, Joel, married for about 2 years. They had a son in common and the woman was two months pregnant at the time of the disappearance and of the alleged murder, Joel Pérez, 30 years old, from the Dominican Republic.

Two months afterwards, on September 11th, 2018, after a flood, the body appeared on the river Congost, passing through Granollers.

The Police arrested the man on July the 3rd, accused of murdering his partner and proceeded to a search at his home.  Yesterday, July the 4th was ordered his entry into unconditional prison.

– This piece of news was updated after new information was released about this case, revealing that the killer is Afro-Dominican and not from Africa itself –

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