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Central Bank: Not Enough Migrants to Keep Wages Down

Irish poor

The Independent has recently reported that the Irish Central Bank believes that there are not enough migrants arriving to have a “wage dampening effect”. This Irish Central Bank tells us this could become a “concern”.


The Horror Scenario:
The Irish Central Bank has provided us with a horrific scenario on what might happen if the Irish do not have more migrants. When labor becomes scarce, the power of workers to bargain for better benefits starts to increase. Additionally, they have mentioned that due to mass migration, the prices of rents and houses will start to rise, this is in danger of not happening! An Ireland in which you get a fair wage, fair benefits and you don’t have the risk of being homeless because of outrageous house pricing and rent hikes? This is unacceptable to the people at the Central Bank. The people of Ireland have only one purpose, to serve the almighty economy and the GDP. Everything that goes against this purpose is inherently evil and needs to be stopped.

Clearly migrants are needed
Clearly migrants are needed (unemployed and homeless Irish line up)

Helping Local Unemployed? Not Here, Sir
The Irish Centra Bank has made a quarterly report where they have come to the conclusion that Ireland simply needs more migrants. Interestingly enough, in this same report, the people at the Central Bank mention that in 2012 the unemployment rate was still 16%. In 2019 it is down to 5%. There are no mentions in this report on how to get the unemployed 5% the right education, the right coaching or the right means to enter the labor market. This is not needed since the Irish can simply import immigrants to do the work for them. Let the 5% rot in the streets or enjoy a life on benefits. The Irish Central Bank seems to have the short term interest of the Irish economy at heart instead of the long term interests of the Irish people.


The Banker Question
What the Irish Central Bank proves once again is that bankers are not to be trusted to engage with anyone on behalf of the people’s interests. These people view the world through a nihilistic materialistic lens, and the only god they worship is called the GDP. Every banker, but most certainly they who work at the central bank are enemies of the people.


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