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Brussels On Fire: New Year’s In Molenbeek


Car torchings, violence, and vandalism took place in the No-Go Zone of Molenbeek. Brussels, the capital of the illustrious EU, is not looking so illustrious any longer.

Several shops, chiefly in Molenbeek and Anderlecht, were looted on New Year’s Eve, while at least five cars and one house were reportedly set on fire and stones were thrown at emergency services. Belgian police arrested some 25 people on Tuesday.

This has become something of a disgusting ‘tradition‘ among the Continent’s radicals.

How thoughtful of our ‘guests’ to set our streets on fire during the New Year celebrations… almost as if they hate us…

The video is recorded by a Serb from Republika Srpska. What is said in the video:

“This is live from Molenbeek”

*Jokingly* “Let’s go warm ourselves!”

“From all sides *unintelligible* are watching”

“Jeez, crazies, crazies”

” I can’t hear you, brother, but all I know is that everything is burning, look at this, everything “

TLDW: Near the fire that is already burning, migrants who randomly approached the flames and threw additional material on it to make it bigger, were recorded. At one point the recorder asks a sarcastic question to his friends for whom he is recording this: “We could go warm ourselves at the fire” and adds that the city is full of lunatics.

New Year’s saw some 83 interventions, chiefly around the Zwarte Vijvers district in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek. Trash cans, vehicles and Christmas trees were set on fire, several bus stops and streetlights were destroyed and a pharmacy was also looted. – Gratitude for misguided European empathy, some would say.

Smashed bus stops in Molenbeek

Union representative and firefighter Eric Labourdette, says his colleagues had no way to extinguish some fires in Molenbeek because they could not find any police officers to guide them through the dangerous borough and to subsequently protect them against attackers. Some would say this sounds like a war-zone…

Labourdette: “The Brussels firefighters and those from other cities are sick and tired of being attacked while doing their duty.”

He complained that the police are understaffed and unable to keep the streets safe, with de-facto control of some boroughs in the hands of rioters.

Labourdette: “Like each year, this New Year’s Eve was quite heavy for the firefighters of our capital. After the clock struck 12, the fire brigade was called for burning rubbish bins in the Etangs Noirs borough.”

“At the spot in Rue Piers we saw a number of youths. There was quite a lot of smoke by fireworks on the streets, even though that is forbidden.”

“Multiple rubbish bins and also a Christmas tree were on fire. There was a huge number of youths on the street, but the police were nowhere to be seen.”

The Jihadi Capital of our beloved Europe. Analysts, and frankly people who just use their eyes and common sense, have predicted that this, Molenbeek ablaze, is what the whole of the Old Continent will look like if things continue this way.

Change is coming, one way or another.

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