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News » Bloomberg says Estonia remaining a white country is a radical idea
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Bloomberg says Estonia remaining a white country is a radical idea

According to Bloomberg, “Estonia’s envoy to the Eurogroup meeting this week has some radical views about race more than finance.” What are those views you might ask? Well my dear reader, those views are keeping Estonia a country constituted by Estonians and other groups of Europeans.

The newspaper goes ever further, saying that Europe’s newest finance minister “took his oath of office in April and marked the occasion by flashing a white supremacist hand sign also used by the perpetrator of this year’s deadly New Zealand terrorist attacks”. What are those signs after all? The OK sign, of course.

Bloomberg also slandered his policies and talking points, putting the words “replacement of indigenous people” in scare quotes as if it wasn’t a demographic trend noticed across Europe. This wave of fear across the mainstream media has been more and more frequent ever since nationalists and right-wing populists have been gaining ground across the European continent and worldwide. The grip on power and the narrative of the mainstream media is gradually slipping out of their control, as such they resort to these desperate attempts at shamming democratically elected leaders for standing up for their countries and people.

This latest Bloomberg article, claiming that it is dangerous for Estonia to remain a white country (something that is perfectly natural) may seem satire and irony to some, but the most indoctrinated far leftist and diversity lovers will try to make it seem as if it is a terrible thing.

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