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News » Bloody Beach: Stabbings and confrontations by hundreds of Africans in Portuguese seaside
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Bloody Beach: Stabbings and confrontations by hundreds of Africans in Portuguese seaside

Last Sunday, the inviting weather of the Portuguese shores wasn’t the only thing that warmed up. As temperatures soared in early May, so did the animosity between people of African descent in the Portuguese beach of Tamariz, near Cascais, Lisbon area

Social media videos have been emerging like wildfire after confrontations between 500 hundred Africans led to the stabbing of a young man in the beach of Tamariz, on the very posh area of Cascais, in the Lisbon region. The young man was stabbed in the area of the abdomen and then transported to the hospital. A second individual also had to be hospitalized but without injuries. There is no record of arrests, however.

Footage of part of the confrontations yesterday

Footage of the confrontations yesterday.

According to sources, the confrontations are due to ‘misunderstandings’ between rival ‘groups’ of residents of Quinta do Mocho and Amadora, highly Africanised areas of the Lisbon suburban areas.

It’s not the first time such confrontations, stabbings and even robberies between dozens or hundreds of Africans have happened in these beach areas of the Cascais rail line, known for being a very posh, sophisticated and tourist friendly area.

In August last year, such confrontations between different African groups also occurred as we can see in the video below.

The most infamous of this African cocktail of violence, thievery and disorder, however, dates back to 2005, when a group of 30 to 50 young people, in an apparently organized way, started assaulting and attacking the beach swimmers of Carcavelos.

These sorts of attacks have a history dating back for almost 15 years, becoming more and more common in the areas where there is a black majority in the country, as Portugal opened up its borders to people from its former African colonies where there is endemic crime and not an enforced rule of law, having the same results of lawlessness in their host country. This January, violent African rioters destroyed property worth thousands of euros. Portugal is a country heavily relying on its tourism industry, and while its beaches start to resemble more and more like the ones in Brazil, there may problems ahead if the country does not resolve this low-security situation.

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