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News » Rapper Azealia Banks Has Racist Fit Against The Irish

Rapper Azealia Banks Has Racist Fit Against The Irish


“Rapper” Azealia Banks, who many have only heard of now that she made a fuss in Ireland, has garnered the Ire of the Emerald Isle after she went into a blatantly racist fit for getting booted off an Aer Lingus flight for misbehaviour.

Miss Banks went on a truly bizarre rant at Aer Lingus staff after a row with a female flight attendant before a flight from the British capital to
Baile Atha Cliath.

“Rapper” Azealia

In a barrage of Instagram stories she said: ‘Every time I come to the UK, they always make some s**t with these airline people.‘They are always starting s*** with me. I had my bags deep in the plane and the lady was asking me some questions.‘I was trying to find my passport as I didn’t have the answers and she was staring at me. I said. “Don’t stare at me”.‘She goes to the Captain of the plane and said that I said, “Don’t stare at me or I’ll sort you out”. I’m from NYC, I don’t use that slang.’ 

Of course, this lovely lass deleted her comments from the social media site, but the Internet never forgets.

Miss Banks, who was physically and mentally abused as a child by a mother who was fond of calling her ugly, figuratively died to Irish people everywhere when she projected her pent up frustrations by calling Irish women “ugly bitches”.

‘I get off the plane. I’ve worked too hard in my life to be cornered by some ugly Irish b***h. They are ugly Irish women here. 

Azealia said: ‘B**** you’re not going to play me over no f***ing Aer Lingus flight. You’re not going to disrespect me and make a f***ing spectacle out of me’.

Oh it’s Irish women that are ugly, apparently.

“I’ve been touring too long to be singled out by the haggard old white ladies… it’s always me on the plane with the long weave and the Louboutins and they’re like, “who is that black girl in business class?”

Azealia’s own deep down resentment towards herself was triggered by a series of unfortunate events which eventually left her dead to Ireland and the rest of Europe.

Saint Patrick’s day will be the same for Miss Banks nevermore.

Funny how the first thing this “singer” went for is the victim narrative. Ah, diversity you old beast.

The “artist” leaves behind two mixtapes, one underperforming “album” and a very questionable Instagram account.

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