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Aspiring Footballers Sentenced For Possession

Three triplets, Reiss, Ralston and Ricky Gabriel, whom all play semi professional football in South London have been sentenced to prison after they were found to be linked to weapons.

Living up to the “apsiring footballer” meme often associated with young Black criminals, they were found to be supplying dangerous weapons to a violent criminal after DNA tests.

Two of the brothers were sentenced to 14 years in prison. The third brother,, Reiss Gabriel was found guilty of the same charge and admitted possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life. He was caught last July with a handgun in July last year,. He was also supplying Class A drugs which has earned him 18 years in prison.

Two other foreign nationals, Hamza Ahmed, Elyace Hamchaoui were also arrested as part of the plot along with Joshua Miller & Aron Thomas.

Crime committed in the UK capital, is set to beat the 134 from 2018. Last year, 132 homicides took place within the capital. As of today, it has already reached 104.

It is no surprise that the majority of the perpetrators (& the victims) tend to be from an ethnic background, either having moved here or have parents from abroad. A look at the list of the sadly deceased, gives you a good indication they are mostly from Africa.

Drugs & gang related battles have been pointed out as the main reasons for the increasing brutality. Instead of getting stable jobs, starting their own business or returning back to their country of origin, the easiest way to make money is through crime.

Police have been given more Stop & Search powers to combat this, despite some arguing that this is inherently racist as it targets non whites. Given the likelihood when looking at the statistics, however, stop & search is not only successful in taking weapons off the street, it also goes some way to preventing the same ethnic citizens from being killed themselves.

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