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Algerian Muslim illegal prime suspect in Lyon bomb blast

24-year-old Algerian citizen Mohamed Hichem was arrested by the police yesterday after a 3 days long manhunt. He appears to be the prime suspect in last Fridays’ bomb blast that injured 13, including a 10 years old child, in Lyon, France.

Mr Hichem was born in Oran, Algeria. He arrived in France in 2016 to follow courses in computer science, but was later denied a visa and was never deported back. He has since been living with his parents in Lyon’s suburban area and is unemployed. The man apparently had no previous criminal record and was not known to be a potential Islamist by the police.

Numerous suspicious chemical products were found at his home, including some that could have served to create a bomb and his DNA was found on the electronic device that detonated the explosives.

The suspect confessed in custody that he was illegally residing in France but did not claim to have any links with an Islamic terrorist organization and denied being the author of the terrorist attack. However, Mr Hichem is known to bear extremist Islamic views.

Both his parents and his brother are still being interrogated by the police.

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