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Ageing villages in Western Europe are also slowly being replaced by migrants

It comes as no news or surprise that big cities and capitals across Western European countries have long been a centre for social engineering and failed multiculturalism experiences, with the rural areas/ countryside becoming a place for the natives to escape the dread of being in crime-ridden places and becoming foreigners in their own country.

That is about to change however, since government concerted efforts, together with pro-refugees/ globalist organizations are trying to reshape the very core of European countries, from bottom to top. We already reported before about laws regarding this issue, such as abandoned farmland being given to ‘refugees’ proposed by the Socialist Portuguese government but today we decided to give a wider scope of what is really happening in old Western Europe.

Being in Italy, Spain or France, the articles are always the same, a small, rural, empty village with an ageing population, is ‘brought back to life’ by a sudden influx of so-called refugees or migrants.


Idyllic villages across Europe, the last bastion of ‘Europeanness’, outside of the increasing multiculturalized and multiracialized big cities are now too being overrun by non-Europeans.

As you can see, through all of these headlines, written in Mainstream Media publications, it’s always painted in a positive light the arrival of refugees or migrants to these towns, as if the replacement by Europeans in their own villages, the core of their countries, is something to be celebrated.

According to IFRI, French International Relations Institute, “since 2015, refugee resettlement programmes have grown significantly in Europe becoming a key component of European asylum strategy. In 2017, Emmanuel Macron committed to resettle in France 10,000 refugees until the end of 2019. Refugees from Syria and Africa are increasingly welcome in small towns and rural areas”.

Though Germany has been the country that has taken the most ‘refugees’ in absolute numbers, Sweden has been by far the country who has taken the most refugees per capita. One notable example of this forced integration and migration in rural communities in the country is a small town called Ellös with the population of only a 1000. A refugee camp housing 150 asylum seekers is located in this town, a significant number considering the size of the local population, making up already 13% of the local population with much younger people and with a higher fertility rate. Brainwashing sessions and propaganda on social media were emitted to the local population in order to ease their security concerns.

The LEADER programme (an acronym in French – Liaison entre actions de développement de l’économie rurale – meaning Links between actions for the development of the rural economy) from the European Union already published a ‘visionary’ document in 2016 where it develops the idea of  ‘The potential for migrant integration in rural areas’ which can be accessed here, leaving one to wonder, if not even our countryside will be safe from this staged invasion, where else will or can Europeans go to?

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