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News » African migrants stranded in ONG ship will be shared across Germany, France, Portugal and Luxembourg
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African migrants stranded in ONG ship will be shared across Germany, France, Portugal and Luxembourg

The vessel, of the German ONG Sea-Eye, had been “stuck” for several days in the Mediterranean, with no port to dock after both Italy and Malta refused to allow the entry of 64 migrants – 50 men, 12 women and 2 children, after they were trafficked in the Libyan sea

Four Western European countries have agreed to ‘host’ the 64 migrants “imprisoned” 10 days ago, after an agreement to distribute the migrants aboard “Alan Kurdi” was made Saturday by Malta who warned, however, that it will not allow the German-flagged humanitarian “rescue boat” to dock in its ports.

The transfer of migrants from the humanitarian ship to ports in Malta will thus be carried out with Maltese boats, with the people then being dispatched to Portugal, Germany, France and Luxembourg, all countries with globalist governments.

The agreement had also, of course, come through the coordination of the European Commission.

To justify this refusal, the Maltese authorities argue that the activity of humanitarian ships in Libya encourages human traffickers.

During these days, the ONG made several requests to Malta and Italy to authorize the landing, not least because the boat was without food or water, but none of the countries gave authorization, and the Italian authorities prevented it until the approach to the island of Lampedusa.

This is not the first time that a country refuses to receive a boat with migrants and refugees on board, situations that have been solved only when other European governments agree to grant asylum to migrants.

The two ships have been standing in Maltese waters for several days, after Malta, Italy and other European countries refused to offer migrants shelter.

The migrants then will be resettled in Europe once again, instead of being sent back to where they came from, Africa.

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