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News » African gangster is key witness on pressing ‘racism’ charges against Portuguese Police
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African gangster is key witness on pressing ‘racism’ charges against Portuguese Police

An African man, considered by the General Inspectorate of Internal Administration (IGAI in Portuguese) as a key witness in the process that led to the suspension of 3 Amadora police after the invasion of the PSP (Public Safety Police) from Alfragide, was arrested for drug trafficking charges

The detainee, suspected in 20 other cases still under investigation (some for assaulting police officers and stonings to police stations), was intercepted when he was with a friend in a car in Amadora, a very Africanized borough in the outskirts of Lisbon, Portugal’s capital. The two men tried to escape to the police but were caught, being arrested with 89.74 grams of hashish. They were, however, released.

The complaint lodged by the detainee against the officers of the Rapid Intervention Team (a special unit team to deal with Urban violence) resulted in the suspension of those same officers, who have been without working for 3 months, and with salary cuts. The suspensions were also renewed for another three months.

Of the 17 Police officers who were accused, 8 of them ended up being convicted for abduction, offense to physical integrity, falsification of documents, slander and slanderous reports. The ‘racism’ charges, however were dropped. Their defense will appeal however.

African gang activity is not new to the Lisbon area and in Mid May, different African groups fought each other in the very posh beach of Tamariz, resulting in one person stabbed and another requiring hospitalization.

Original source from the detainee can be found in the Portuguese Newspaper Correio da Manhã

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