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News » 2200 illegal migrants arrived in Europe this year already
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2200 illegal migrants arrived in Europe this year already

The number of illegal migrants who have arrived is a slight increase for the same time period last year

In the first 13 days of 2019 more than 2200 migrants, mostly Subsaharan Africans have arrived to Europe by sea, 16 of them have died so far
in the dangerous and irresponsible sea journey they put themselves in, while crossing the Mediterranean, numbers from the UN led IOM, International Organization for Migration.

According to the IOM branch of Italy, “IOM Rome’s Flavio Di Giacomo on Monday noted that according to official Ministry of Interior figures, 53 migrants have arrived by sea to Italy as irregular arrivals through the first 13 days of 2019. That’s a decrease of 93.7% over the same period last year.” Such a sharp decrease in illegal migration to Italy can be attributed to Salvini’s hard-line policies and a crackdown on ONGs that have been acting as a people’s trafficker or ‘sea-cabs’ and other tough measures on migration.

The bulk of these numbers are then through both the Eastern and Western Mediterranean routes, with Greece in the East receiving 489 people so far and Spain in the West with 1,609 people arriving as illegal migrants as of the 13th of this month.

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