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News » 2041 People Killed in More Than 360 Islamist Attacks in 2019, MSM Silent As Crickets
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2041 People Killed in More Than 360 Islamist Attacks in 2019, MSM Silent As Crickets

Islamists in disguise

The problem is that the attackers were not “white supremacists”.

Following the attack in New Zealand and its fallout, and the apparent black-hole-esque lack of coverage on Islamist attacks, I would like to draw your attention to the hypocrisy and two-faced-ness of it all.

Firstly, this is no condonation of violence because it is to be condemned. This is exclusively to discredit the MSM for their, now normalised, sensationalist behaviour.

Islamist violence 2019

The sad statistics of Islamic extremism in the world in 2019.| Source:

In the last 30 days (between 15.02 and 17.03), Islamic terrorists have killed 777 people in 114 attacks in 21 countries. Among those countries are:
Syria, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Iraq, Cameroon, Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso, Somalia, Yemen, The Philipines, Kenya, Mozambique, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, all countries with Muslim populations, some large, some small…

The modus operandi include: suicide bombers, shootings, sniper assasinations, beheadings, stonings, knife attacks and so on.

Diversity + Proximity = Conflict

The attack with the most victims happened in Nigeria, where, on the 11th of March, 46 people were killed, among whom was a local priest. Along with that, a mass grave in Iraq was revealed to be hiding 47 victims of ISIL executions. Yet, it is a single terror attack by a no name extremist in the West that we hear about non stop…

Islamist violence attacks bla

Black Christians in Nigeria at the burial of 17 victims of Islamic terror.| Source: Getty

In numerous terror attacks the targets were Christians or other religious groups. In Nigeria alone in March, 120 Christians were killed. The lack of coverage when compared to the over-saturation of the New Zealand terror attack show which kind of violence, or more precisely and importantly, which kind of perpetrator, the MSM seem want to amplify and imprint into the public consciousness of Europeans and Westerners more broadly.

And yet, the MSM have not been so vigorous in carrying out “investigations” of the backgrounds of these crimes, to make up for that shortcoming they took seriously the spreading of a sea of nonsense and lies about the attack in New Zealand. The reason for that is, after all, the fact that whites or pro-white organisation simply do not commit such attacks knowing that such would be counterproductive to their ideas. Shocker.

“Stop mass immigration, start mass deportation” – An oft thought but private thought of millions of Europeans.

Many, us included, have warned the public that similar tragedies will surely happen in Europe. The blame for that falls not on the immigrants, because they have simply brought their culture and way of life into Europe from their lands. The main culprits are those who wash their hands daily and speak of “human rights” and “humaneness” while they babble on about the “evil of nationalism” and “populism” and some of them are bringing “new Europeans” across the borders in a vain attempt to create and illusion of timely “equality” “diversity” and multiculture.

The results of this utopia are the ghettoisation of immigrants, mass rapes, rise of crime, culturecide, the ethnic cleanising of Europeans, the rise of religious and racial intolerance and inevitable violent clashes. History is called “the teacher of life” for a reason for it has shown this through countless examples, but the media, establishment and their pawns don’t care about problems and causes, they like to deal with the symptoms and superficiality. Thanks to this, hypocrisy reigns among the Mainstream Media, and the violence and inter-ethnic hatred in society is hidden from the public.

A toxic cocktail, and one that should be avoided and escaped whenever possible.

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