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News » 12 Year Old Girl Attacked By Black & Pakistani Teenagers

12 Year Old Girl Attacked By Black & Pakistani Teenagers

Police are investigating an attack on 12-year-old April Ward which took place on 6th February. A group of youths surrounded the young girl, who was already a victim of bullying, close to her school in Birmingham.

In the Snapchat video, April is surrounded by a predominantly ethnic group of girls and boys before a young Black girl punches her to the floor. She then receives multiple punches and kicks from the group with her being called a “fucking bitch” and “Allahu Akbar” is also heard from the crowd. Much of the rest of the screaming is unintelligible, however, the cries of the girl being attacked are very clear.

Passers by who called the Police and attempted to intervene talked about how daunting it was being surrounded by 20+ teenagers involved. A large majority of them recording the attack instead of trying to quell the situation. 

The students responsible from Cardinal Wiseman Catholic school have been segregated whilst the investigation is taking place.  

The parents of have asked that footage be shared, against the advice of the Police in order that the public see what is happening. It’s also hoped that parents and friends of the attackers are also recognised to help with the investigation. 

As it stands, the vicious attack has not attracted much in the way of attention outside of the Birmingham Mail. This is in stark contrast to the video of Jamal, who made headline news in November after being pushed over and having a small amount of water poured on him. Following the outcry from the video of Jamal, huge sums of money were raised for his family. Unfortunately, as is a white girl in a largely ethnic city, she will not receive the anywhere near the same amount of attention despite her attack being significantly more vicious and involved actual bodily harm.

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