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1 million migrants to flood Ireland in Ireland 2040 plan

February 16th, next month, will make a year since the polemic plan Ireland 2040 was unveiled. The plan has been drawing ire and never left public debate after its details were uncurtained. So what is so polemic about the plan? The fact that it intends to flood Ireland with over 1 million migrants.

“It’s our big vision for how we want to reshape Ireland over the next two decades,” said before unveiling the plan Leo Varadkar, the prime minister of Ireland, referring to the plan who projected growth of around 1.1 million over 22 years to the small nation of Ireland with less than 5 million inhabitants.

The plan according to Mr Varadkar, is to grow other Irish cities twice as fast than Dublin for the 1st time in history, plus flooding the Irish rural countryside with over 200 thousand people, whose origins remain unclear.

Chapter 2 of the document, titled ‘Ireland’s National Planning Challenges
notes that ‘migration will shape how the population grows and changes’, intending on the same pro replacement of the native population policies as they have been happening in the rest of the West.

The debate around the plan has been particularly heated lately, with the popular philosopher Stefan Molyneux, taking apart in the Ireland 2040 plan. The plan also brings awareness to the problem of massive legal immigration whose results might turn out the same or even worse than the ones of illegal immigration.

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