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“Keep your ego in check!” Blair Cottrell speaks to DE

Blair Cottrell

Today, we interview Blair Cottrell: A true Australian patriot and a man who has very recently lost his appeal against a conviction for inciting ‘contempt’ against Muslims.

SPQR: Blair, I can introduce a man, but a man is best suited to introduce himself. Tell us, who Is Blair Cottrell?

Blair: Well I don’t really enjoy talking about myself, I’m just a guy who was fortunate enough to have honest and hardworking parents, which I think is what helped me to recognise fact from theory and appreciate independence; independent living, independent thought, etc.

SPQRWhat triggered your awakening to become politically active?

Blair: It’s hard to think of any exclusive moment that triggered my engagement in political activity. As a teenager I always enjoyed writing and critiquing ideas and theories, I always had a natural inclination towards self-discipline and traditional moral standards, however, I was extremely rebellious against the public school system, I didn’t respect the teachers there and I didn’t hide it.

SPQR: How are we feeling after the recent unfair legal setbacks? Is morale low or do you feel invigorated?

Blair: I never actually expected to win at court but with law there is always a chance so I was clinging to a small semblance of hope for a while, but mostly I was just interested to see how the state planned to go about prosecuting me and what sort of attitude the Judges have when it comes to “hate speech”. I have no delusions about the true purpose of state law or how thoroughly subverted Australian institutions are, so no amount of name-calling or guilty verdicts can ever have much of an effect on my attitude.

SPQR: Your recent conviction isn’t just something that can happen to you, the law under which you got convicted has broader implications for the Australian nationalist movement. Can you explain how this law works and why it is dangerous for the movement?

Blair: I’ve explained this in some detail already but essentially, if the right language is used then nationalism, on the whole, won’t be affected by hate-speech laws. If one refrains from using petty and unnecessary vulgarities then the law is still not far-reaching enough to silence all dissent. Targeted ideological censorship and financial asphyxiation are the primary and most dangerous beasts an outspoken nationalist will have to battle. This law, for the time being, is reserved for special cases, for people who are really trying to push the boundaries which was certainly what I was doing in my early stages of activism.

SPQR: Many men and women in the movement tend to hide anonymously online because they are afraid to come out in public for their views and opinions. As a man who is out in the open, how do you look at this?

Blair: I understand why people remain anonymous. It’s not wise to do what I do if you’re concerned about your own well-being, but I am an unusual character who is unusually unconcerned with myself. I don’t see my own life as terribly significant in the scheme of things. I also enjoy conflict and adversity, all of what I endure I have brought on myself and I have done it knowingly. That is not to say that I think the censorship, lies, slander and financial attacks against me are good or justified, I am only saying that I expected all of it and I think people like me are a necessary cog in the machine of nationalism. The adversity I experience as a result of my outspokenness firstly helps awaken more everyday workers to the reality of the neo-Marxist police-state they actually live in, secondly it provides more reason and energy to others in the nationalist community, because the more openly oppressive a system of power is the more energy and moral basis it provides to its own resistance which ultimately leads to its downfall.

Blair Cottrell
Blair Cottrell, out in the open

SPQR: 2020 is just around the corner, what do you think this new year will hold for Australia? Any predictions you might want to share?

Blair: There is a great possibility that in 2020 civil war could erupt in parts of America and it basically already is taking place in parts of Western Europe, especially Nantes in France.

Australia will experience a bit of an economic crisis, the congestion and cost of living is almost unbearable as it is thanks to massive land developments and immigration plans, to sell and fill hundreds of thousands of cheap new homes surrounding the major cities. It’s going to be a tough and violent year for many people and political perspectives will become even more extreme as a result. Even in spite of censorship, this will be an opportunity for many speakers and political-types if they have a good plan of how to make use of it.

SPQR: If you could give advice to nationalist women & men of European descent. What would this be?

Blair: Avoid excessive luxury and self-gratifying behaviour which only benefits both corporate and subversive political elements. Make yourself strong and as healthy as you can and stay in regular contact with a community of like-minded folks. If you can’t find one, make one. Avoid factionalism between individuals and groups within and amongst those communities. State agencies will identify you and your groups and they will try to atomise you by helping you to fight and argue. The best way to serve your nation now is to keep your ego in check and stay connected with the broader group.

SPQR: Last but not least, if any of our Australian or European readers want to support you and your goals. What can they do to help?

Blair: Just follow me on and telegram. They are the only apps & platforms I am currently not permanently banned from using.

SPQR: Thanks Blair.

If you want to follow Blair Cottrell on Gab or Telegram, you can find the links below. We additionally linked our favourite Blair speech here which we can highly recommend you to watch.


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